Vibrant 24-Color ABS Filament Set: The Ultimate 3D Printing Experience!

Welcome ​to‌ our review of the ‌MIKA3D 24⁣ Colors 1.75mm‍ ABS‍ 3D Pen Printer Filament ⁣Refill. As‌ avid 3D ‍printing enthusiasts, ​we were thrilled to try out this product⁣ and⁤ share our first-hand experience‍ with you. With its​ vibrant colors and high-quality material, this filament refill is a great addition to⁤ any creative project. Whether you’re testing out different⁣ colors, ⁣working on arts and crafts, or simply enjoying the fun of 3D doodling, this‍ refill pack offers endless possibilities. Not only ⁤that, but it⁣ also comes with 2 silicone finger caps​ to ensure a smooth ‍and comfortable printing⁢ experience. ⁣Join us as we dive into the details of this exciting product and discover why it’s a must-have‌ for all 3D ⁢printing⁣ enthusiasts.

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Overview ​of⁢ the‍ MIKA3D 24 Colors 1.75mm ABS 3D Pen Printer Filament Refill

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In our review of⁤ the MIKA3D 24 Colors 1., we were⁢ impressed by the ⁣great variety of beautiful colors included in⁣ this sample pack. With 24 different colors to choose‌ from, ​this refill ‌will ‌satisfy your ⁤creative needs and allow you to print in a wide range of vibrant shades. Whether you’re testing ABS colors, creating​ 3D pen drawings, or‍ indulging in DIY crafts, this filament ‌pack is a ⁢fantastic⁤ choice.⁤ It also makes for a perfect gift for ‍3D ⁤enthusiasts, ​offering endless possibilities for 3D creation and doodling fun.

One of the ⁢standout‌ features of this filament⁢ refill is​ its high quality. Made ⁣from 100% new raw material, the filament is⁣ reliable and​ consistent, ensuring smooth and easy printing.‍ ABS filament is known for its strength, making it a durable choice for your ⁣3D‍ printing projects. This refill assortment contains a​ generous amount of material, with a total of 94.5m or 310 feet, providing you with plenty of filament to fuel​ your creativity.

Another notable ⁢aspect of ‍this refill is its strong compatibility with various⁣ 3D pens and printers. It works seamlessly⁢ with all devices that use 1.75mm ABS filament, including ​popular ⁢models like the MYNT3D 3D ⁣Drawing Pen and⁣ SCRIB3D 3D ‍Printing‌ Pen. However, it’s important to ‍note that⁤ this⁣ refill is‍ not suitable for use with the 3Doodler Pen.⁢ As an added bonus, the package⁣ includes two silicone finger caps, which offer protection and enhance the smoothness and ease of your 3D drawing⁢ and‍ printing experience.

If you’re‌ looking for a diverse color selection, excellent quality, and wide ‌compatibility, the MIKA3D 24 Colors ⁢1. is ​a fantastic choice. ‍Spark your⁢ creativity and elevate your 3D ​printing projects with this great start kit. Don’t miss ⁣out on the opportunity to purchase this refill by visiting our link below for more information and ⁢to make a purchase.

Click‌ here to⁤ buy the MIKA3D⁢ 24 ‍Colors 1. on

Highlighting the key ‍features of the MIKA3D 24 Colors Filament ​Refill

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  • Great Colors Sample Pack: With 24 beautiful colors, this filament refill⁤ offers⁢ a wide variety ⁢of options for all your 3D printing needs. Whether you’re‍ testing colors, ⁣creating‍ artwork, or engaging in DIY projects, these vibrant hues will satisfy your creative‌ desires. From⁤ classic shades like white, ⁢black, and red to unique⁤ colors like amy green and sapphire blue,‍ this⁢ assortment has it all.

  • High Quality Material: Made from 100% new⁤ raw ABS material, this filament ensures ‌consistent printing results. The filament diameter⁣ is⁤ carefully ​controlled ⁤to provide smooth and hassle-free printing experience. ⁤Compared to PLA filament, ABS is‍ much stronger, making⁣ it a​ reliable choice for both 3D printers and 3D pens. This‍ refill pack contains a generous ‌amount of ‍ABS ⁤material, ‌totaling 94.5m or 310 ‌feet, so​ you can enjoy uninterrupted ⁣printing‍ sessions.

  • Strong ⁢Compatibility: Designed to support a wide range of ⁣3D pens ⁣and printers that use 1.75mm ABS ​filament,‌ this refill pack is compatible with popular‍ brands such as MYNT3D and​ SCRIB3D.⁤ However,⁤ it is not suitable for the 3Doodler pen.‌ Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, you can rest assured that this filament refill will ⁣work seamlessly with your device, ‍delivering consistent and high-quality prints.

  • Extra Gift Included: As a thoughtful bonus, ‌this ​refill pack comes with two silicone finger caps. These finger caps serve as protection while ​you’re engaged in 3D drawing or printing, ensuring a smoother ⁤and more comfortable experience. This extra gift adds ⁢value‍ to your purchase and enhances the overall ‍usability of your 3D printing set.

With its wide range of colors, high-quality‍ material, strong compatibility, and ​added bonus, the MIKA3D 24 Colors‍ Filament ‌Refill is a great choice ‍for all 3D printing enthusiasts. Whether you’re indulging in ⁣personal projects or looking for a unique gift, this refill ​pack ⁣offers⁢ everything you need. So ​why wait? Get yours now and unleash ⁣your creativity! Check it out on Amazon.

Detailed insights⁣ and observations on the performance of the ‌MIKA3D Filament ‌Refill

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We have been using the MIKA3D‍ Filament Refill for our⁣ 3D pen printing‍ projects, and we have some⁣ detailed insights and observations to⁣ share with you. The first thing that caught our attention is the great ⁣colors sample ⁣pack. With a total of 24 beautiful colors, this⁣ refill pack provides a wide range of options to choose⁣ from. Whether you’re looking to create colorful artworks, crafts, or DIY projects, these various colors will definitely satisfy your creative⁤ needs. It’s ⁤also perfect ​for ⁤ABS sample color testing.

The quality of the⁢ filament is outstanding. Made from⁤ 100% new raw material, the filament is of high⁢ quality and ensures a consistent filament ‌diameter. This ⁤makes it easy to‍ print without any clogging or‌ jamming‍ issues. We found⁢ that ​ABS filament is much stronger than PLA filament, which is a great⁢ advantage‍ when it comes to durability. Additionally, the ABS ‌refill assortment provides ⁢a ⁤generous amount of material, with a ‍total length of 94.5⁢ meters (310 feet) packed‌ together.

The MIKA3D Filament Refill offers strong compatibility with⁤ various⁢ 3D ​pens and printers that use 1.75mm ABS filament. It is ⁢specifically compatible ‍with popular models such‌ as the MYNT3D 3D Drawing ⁢Pen and the SCRIB3D 3D Printing Pen. However,​ it’s important to note⁢ that it⁢ is not suitable for use with the ⁢3Doodler Pen. ⁤To enhance your 3D printing experience, the refill pack also includes ⁢two silicone‍ finger caps as ‍a bonus‌ gift.‌ These caps provide‌ protection ‌for your ‍fingers during the drawing or printing process, ensuring a⁤ smoother and easier 3D​ printing experience.

In conclusion, the MIKA3D Filament Refill is a great‌ choice for anyone looking⁣ to explore their ​creativity with a wide range of ​colors. The high-quality ABS filament and its compatibility with various 3D pens and printers make ⁤it a‍ reliable option. Don’t forget ⁤to take⁢ advantage of the bonus gift of silicone finger caps to protect your fingers while enjoying the 3D printing process. Get your MIKA3D Filament Refill pack now and embark on your ⁣3D create and 3D ‍doodling⁤ fun!

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Specific recommendations‍ for optimal use and compatibility with 3D‌ printing pens

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  1. Compatibility: The MIKA3D 24 ⁣Colors ABS ‍Filament Refill is⁢ designed to work seamlessly ⁢with a wide range of 3D pens and printers ‌that use 1.75mm ABS ​filament. It provides excellent compatibility⁢ with⁤ popular models such as the⁤ MYNT3D 3D Drawing Pen ⁤and the SCRIB3D 3D Printing Pen. However, it is important to note ‍that‌ this filament is not compatible ​with the ‍3Doodler Pen.

  2. High-Quality ⁢Material: The ABS ‍filament used in this refill pack is made from 100% new raw material,⁢ ensuring superior⁢ quality and consistency. ​The filament diameter is⁣ highly ⁢consistent, making it easy to​ print with. ABS filament is known for its strength and durability, making it‍ a great choice for both 3D pen⁢ drawing arts and 3D ⁢printing projects. It⁢ is⁢ much stronger than PLA​ filament, ‌so⁣ you can create sturdy and long-lasting‍ designs.

  3. Wide Color Selection: With 24 beautiful colors included⁤ in this pack, the MIKA3D ABS‌ filament refill offers endless creative possibilities. From classic shades like white, black,‍ and gray to vibrant hues like red, orange, and green,‍ you can⁣ easily ⁤print with different colors and create eye-catching designs. This variety of colors makes it⁣ perfect for‍ ABS sample color testing, arts and crafts, DIY projects, and more.

  4. Bonus Silicone Finger ‍Caps: As an extra gift, the MIKA3D‍ ABS filament refill pack⁢ comes with two silicone finger caps. These caps are designed to protect your fingers​ during 3D drawing or printing, providing a comfortable and safe experience. They also help to enhance the ⁢smoothness ⁤and ease of your 3D printing‍ process, ensuring better control and precision.

For the‌ ultimate 3D printing ‍experience, we ⁢highly recommend the‍ MIKA3D 24 Colors‌ ABS Filament‍ Refill. Its wide compatibility, high-quality material, ​and vibrant color selection make it a fantastic choice for both beginners and‍ experienced artists. Don’t miss ‍out on the opportunity ‍to​ unleash ‌your​ creativity and bring your ideas to life.​ Get yours today! ‍(Link to Amazon:⁣ Get your MIKA3D ABS Filament Refill here)

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After​ analyzing the customer reviews for the MIKA3D 24 Colors 1.75mm ABS 3D Pen Printer Filament​ Refill, we have found⁤ that users ⁤generally have a positive experience with⁢ this product. Here’s a summary of⁤ the feedback we received:

Review Summary
Perfect, in​ love! I wanted to try ⁤my 3d pen and worked⁢ perfectly.⁢ Works for 3d ⁣printer and 3d pen. Good color​ assortment. Satisfied with​ the ⁤product, works well for‌ both⁣ 3D printers and pens,⁣ and provides a good assortment of colors.
Tons of ⁣great colors! My kids love this! The cost is well worth it Customers appreciate the⁤ wide range of colors provided and find the product to be worth the cost.
Great color selection and worked perfectly Users are ‍satisfied with the color selection and find the product to work​ perfectly.
Nice bright colors. Seem to perform as ⁣expected in⁢ 3d pen Customers ​like the brightness of colors and find them to perform as expected ⁤in their 3D pens.
Made the ⁣idiot mistake of buying ‍before sizing them. They are well made and⁤ sturdy and great! But my ​daughter wanted replacements for ⁤her new 3d doodler- these did not fit LOL Although the quality is praised, one customer made‌ the mistake of ‌not checking the⁣ compatibility with their 3D pen. Not suitable for 3Doodler ⁣Pen.
Great for beginners! Customers⁢ suggest this product is suitable for⁤ beginners.
My 9 year old daughter ‌got a 3D Printer pen for Christmas- we bought this pack of extra ⁣filament and she loved all the colors. She crafts nearly every day! A satisfied customer shares how their daughter enjoys​ the variety of colors ‌and uses the⁣ product regularly​ for crafting.
The first container we ordered had 32 various colors. My Grandson made some game pieces with red and blue. We ordered another container, so he​ could finish​ his project​ and the next container had no blue or red. The ⁢color mix ⁤was random. A customer had an issue with inconsistent color selection in the containers ⁣they received, which affected their project.
Kids loved the choices of colours Children appreciate the wide range of ⁣color options available.
Los colores son lindos y viene con dos protectores para evitar quemarte con ⁣el⁣ bolígrafo.⁢ Lo volverè a pedir! A Spanish-speaking customer appreciates the attractive ⁤colors and the inclusion ⁣of two finger ⁤protectors.
The 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills have added a burst of creativity to my 3D printing endeavors. With each color offering 10 feet‍ of filament,⁢ the possibilities⁢ are virtually endless, making this pack a must-have for ‌3D pen enthusiasts.
‌ ⁣ ⁤ ⁤ What ⁣sets these⁣ filament refills apart is the vibrant array of colors. The kaleidoscope of options ​allows for the creation⁢ of intricate⁢ and​ colorful designs. The⁣ PLA material is easy to⁤ work with,⁣ providing a smooth flow and solid adhesion, resulting⁤ in precise ⁤and detailed 3D prints.
⁤ ⁣ The generous quantity per color ensures that I can embark on numerous projects without worrying about running⁣ out of filament ‍prematurely. The filament’s compatibility with various 3D pens⁢ adds to its versatility, making it suitable for​ a wide range of users.
⁢ The inclusion‍ of 4 ‍finger protectors in the pack⁣ is a thoughtful touch. These protectors not only add a layer ⁢of safety during the creative process but also enhance the overall ⁣user ‌experience, especially for ‌those new to 3D printing.
⁢ ​In summary, the 32 Colors 3D⁢ Pen PLA Filament Refills earn a solid 4-star rating for their ⁣vivid color selection, ample quantity, and user-friendly ⁣features. ​Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or just starting, this pack opens up⁢ a world of creative⁢ possibilities. Highly recommended for ⁢injecting a spectrum of‌ color into your ‌3D creations!
A detailed⁢ and positive review highlighting⁢ the vibrant colors, ease of use, ample ‌quantity,‌ and user-friendly features of the 32 Colors⁣ 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills. The inclusion of finger protectors⁣ is appreciated ⁣for added safety.
Niente male questo prodotto ​con filamenti a colori trasparenti, metallici e pastello, l’unica ⁣pecca a mio parere il fatto che siano solo 3 metri di lunghezza ognuno, ⁢e per un lavoro ​impegnativo⁣ 3⁤ metri sono ⁤pochi se si fa un lavoro di grandi ⁣dimensioni A negative review in Italian expressing disappointment in the length of‌ each filament, finding it insufficient for large-scale projects despite the ⁣nice variety ‌of transparent, metallic, and pastel colors.
「良く一緒に購入されてる商品」となっていたので購入したのですが、太すぎて3Dペンに入りませんでした。子供がとても楽しみにしていたのでとても残念です。 In a review written in Japanese, a ‍customer expresses ​disappointment⁢ that‌ the filament​ is too thick for ​their 3D pen, despite expecting it to be compatible as recommended⁣ along with the purchase.

Based on the​ customer⁣ reviews, it is evident that the MIKA3D 24 ​Colors 1.75mm ​ABS 3D Pen Printer Filament Refill provides a satisfying experience with its diverse⁢ color selection, compatibility with 3D printers and pens, and overall quality. However, it ⁢is important‌ to note the compatibility issues with certain 3D pen models and the‌ occasional inconsistency in color selection, as mentioned by some customers. Overall,​ this filament set is highly⁤ recommended⁤ for its vibrant colors, ease of use, and versatility in‌ various creative projects.

Pros & Cons


  1. Vibrant 24-color set: With a⁢ wide range of beautiful colors, this filament set allows you to​ print in various shades and create colorful and eye-catching 3D ‍prints.
  2. High-quality material: Made from 100% new raw material, this ABS filament ensures consistent filament ⁣diameter and⁢ is easy ⁢to print with. ABS filament is also known for its strength, making ⁢it a reliable choice for 3D printing.
  3. Wide compatibility:⁤ This filament is compatible with all 3D⁤ pens and printers ⁣that use 1.75mm‌ ABS filament, ​including popular‍ models like MYNT3D and SCRIB3D. It provides a‍ seamless printing ⁤experience.
  4. Bonus finger caps: The package includes two silicone ‍finger caps that help protect your‌ fingers while 3D drawing or printing. They offer a comfortable grip and make the ‌printing process smoother and easier.
  5. Great for testing and creativity: The variety of colors in this set makes it ideal for color testing and ‌experimenting with⁤ different designs and creations. It’s perfect for ‍artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts.


  1. Not compatible with 3Doodler pen: Unfortunately, this filament ​set is not suitable for ⁣use with the ‍3Doodler ⁣pen. If you own ​a 3Doodler pen, you ⁤would need ⁢to consider ⁣alternative filament options.
  2. Quantity may ⁢not be sufficient:⁤ While the​ total length of 94.5m (310 feet) is decent, some users may find it insufficient for ⁣large-scale or ‍extensive 3D printing⁣ projects.​ In ⁢such cases, ⁣additional filament may be ⁢required.


Q: Can this filament set be used with any 3D pen⁢ or printer?
A: This 24-color ABS filament‍ set is designed to be⁣ compatible⁢ with ‍all 3D pens and printers that use ⁤1.75mm ABS ⁣filament, such ‌as ⁤the MYNT3D 3D Drawing Pen and the SCRIB3D 3D Printing Pen. However, please note that ⁢it is not suitable for use with the 3Doodler Pen.

Q: Are the colors in this set vibrant?
A: Absolutely! This⁢ filament set offers⁣ 24 beautiful and vibrant colors that will surely satisfy ​your creative needs. Whether⁣ you’re looking ‌to experiment with different colors or add a pop‌ of color‍ to ‌your projects, these colors are ‌sure to impress.

Q: Is the ‌ABS filament‌ easy to print with?
A: ⁣Yes, our ABS filament is made ‌from 100% new raw material, ensuring high quality and consistent filament diameter. This makes it easy to ​print with and guarantees a⁢ smooth and ⁣hassle-free 3D printing experience.

Q: How much filament is included in this set?
A:‌ This filament set comes with a total of 84m (310 feet) of ABS filament. ‌Each color ​filament spool contains ⁢3.5m of material, giving you⁢ plenty of filament to bring your creative ideas to life.

Q: Are there any⁣ additional accessories ⁤included with​ this set?
A: Yes, ‍as an extra gift, we ⁢have⁢ included 2 silicone finger caps. These finger caps are‍ designed ⁣to protect your fingers ‌during 3D drawing or‌ printing, making the process ⁣much more comfortable and secure. They are a great⁤ addition to this start‍ kit.

Q: Can this⁣ set ⁤be used for arts, crafts, and DIY projects?
A: Absolutely! ‍This filament⁣ set is not only perfect for 3D printing, but it is⁣ also a great choice for various arts, ‌crafts, and DIY ‌projects.‌ Whether you are creating intricate designs or simply experimenting with different colors, this ⁣set will provide⁣ endless possibilities for your creative endeavors.

Q: Does this set include ‍any popular colors?
A: ⁣Yes, the set includes 24 of the most popular ⁣solid‌ colors, such⁢ as white, black, red, green, blue, and many more. These colors are versatile⁤ and can be used for a wide range of projects, allowing you​ to unleash ‍your ⁤creativity and create stunning designs.

Q: Is this filament set‍ a suitable gift ⁢for 3D enthusiasts?
A:‌ Absolutely! This vibrant‌ 24-color ABS filament ⁢set is an excellent gift for anyone ‌who⁣ enjoys 3D printing ​and creating unique designs. Whether they⁢ are a ⁣beginner or an​ experienced 3D enthusiast, this set will provide them with ⁢a wide range of colors to explore and experiment with. It’s⁤ a surefire way⁣ to make their 3D printing experience even more enjoyable and‍ exciting.

Q: Is ⁢the ABS​ filament stronger⁣ than PLA ‍filament?
A: Yes, ⁢ABS filament is generally considered to be stronger and⁣ more durable than PLA filament.‍ This ⁢makes it a great choice for functional prototypes,​ as‌ well as projects⁢ that require extra ‌strength and durability. However, it’s important ⁣to note that ABS filament may require a⁢ heated ‍build platform or enclosure during ⁤printing to prevent ‌warping.

Embrace a New Era

As⁢ we come to the end of our review, it’s ⁣clear⁤ to see why the MIKA3D ⁣24 Colors ABS Filament Set is truly the ultimate 3D ‌printing experience. With‍ its vibrant range of 24 beautiful colors, this ‌filament set will not only satisfy your creative cravings but also allow you to print in⁣ a ⁢variety of different shades.⁢ Whether you’re ⁤testing colors, creating stunning art pieces, or engaging in some DIY projects, this set has got you covered.

One of the standout features of this filament set is its high quality. Made from 100% new raw material, the filament is consistent in diameter, making it easy to print‍ with. Not to mention, ABS filament is much stronger ⁢than PLA, ensuring ⁢that your creations are‍ durable and long-lasting. Compatible with⁢ a wide range ‍of 3D printers and pens that use 1.75mm ABS filament, such as the MYNT3D 3D ​Drawing​ Pen and SCRIB3D 3D Printing Pen, this set is incredibly versatile.

To sweeten the ‌deal, ⁢the MIKA3D 24 Colors ‌ABS Filament ⁣Set also comes with 2 silicone⁤ finger caps. These finger caps ⁢not only protect your fingers during the 3D ​drawing ​or‍ printing process but also make your printing experience smoother and easier. It’s a fantastic start kit for beginners and a great addition to any seasoned artist’s collection.

So, why wait? ⁢Experience⁤ the vibrant world of 3D‍ printing with⁣ the MIKA3D​ 24 Colors ABS ‍Filament Set.‍ Click the following⁤ link to get‌ your hands on ‍this⁣ amazing product:

Unleash your creativity and embark on‍ an incredible⁢ journey of limitless possibilities. Get the MIKA3D 24 Colors ABS Filament Set today and take your‍ 3D printing to new heights!

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