The Must-Have Portable DVD Player for Movie Nights on the Go

Welcome to our product review blog post!⁣ Today, we are excited ⁣to ​share our first-hand ⁤experience with the “9.5”⁣ Portable DVD ​Player with 7.5″ Swivel Display Screen, 5-Hour Built-in​ Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD Player, Supports ‍SD Card/USB/CD/DVD‍ and Multiple Disc Formats, High Volume Speaker, ​Black”.

As parents, we understand the​ importance ‍of ‍finding ‌the perfect portable DVD‌ player for our kids. That’s why we​ were drawn to ​the ​PJGCWB Portable DVD Player. Not only does it ⁤provide entertainment for ​our children, but it also offers a variety of features that make it suitable for⁤ different scenarios.

First and foremost, ‌the design ​of this portable DVD player is sleek and stylish, making it easy to carry and perfect for both home⁤ and car travel. The built-in dual ⁣speakers ensure clear sound quality, and if you prefer‌ a more ‍private⁣ listening experience, there is ⁣also a 3.5mm earphone jack available.

One of ⁢our favorite features is the⁤ swivel-screen, which can flip⁣ 180 degrees and swivel 270‌ degrees horizontally. This allows for easy positioning ‌and finding the best viewing angle, whether it’s placed ⁣on a table⁣ or attached⁢ to the car headrest during road​ trips.

In terms of power supply, the PJGCWB ⁢Portable DVD⁣ Player offers three ‍options: a built-in rechargeable battery that provides⁣ up to 5 hours of playtime, ‍an‍ AC power adapter,⁤ and ‍a high-quality car​ charger. With​ these‌ options, you can enjoy ⁢your favorite movies⁢ and shows⁢ anywhere without worrying about the battery running out.

Another great feature is⁣ the ⁤support ‌for multiple disc formats, including CD,​ DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD,​ SVCD-R(RW), and CD-R(RW). Additionally, it supports USB ​and SD cards up to 32GB, allowing ⁣you⁤ to play⁢ multimedia files like VOB, MPEG, MP3, WMA, and ‍JPEG.

We were also impressed ⁣with the DVD player’s easy operation. The control panel is user-friendly, ​with clear key functions for volume adjustment, track selection, and play/pause. The⁤ built-in break-point memory function​ ensures that the ⁤DVD will start playing from where ​you left off, ⁢saving you the hassle of searching for your spot every time.

Finally, PJGCWB provides excellent customer service with a ⁢worry-free after-sale policy. ⁢They offer 24/7 support and a ⁤12-month warranty to ensure a satisfying buying experience. If you encounter ‍any issues, you can easily⁢ reach out to them through the⁢ Amazon message or after-sales mailbox.

Overall, the PJGCWB Portable DVD Player exceeded our expectations with its ⁢excellent visual experience, convenient features, and ⁢reliable performance. Whether you’re ‍looking for entertainment‌ for your kids⁢ or a portable DVD player⁢ for your own ⁣enjoyment, this product is definitely worth ⁢considering. Stay tuned for more in-depth ​reviews and product recommendations from us!

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Overview of the “9.5” Portable DVD Player ‌with 7.5″ Swivel ‌Display Screen, ⁣5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Car⁤ DVD Player, ‌Supports SD Card/USB/CD/DVD and‍ Multiple Disc Formats, High⁤ Volume Speaker, Black”

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The “9.5” ⁤Portable DVD Player with 7.5″⁣ Swivel Display ‍Screen, 5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD Player” is the perfect device for ‌bringing entertainment on the go. With​ its sleek and stylish ⁢design,‌ this​ portable DVD player‍ is lightweight and⁤ easy to carry, making it the ‍ideal companion for both‌ home and car travel.

Featuring built-in dual speakers, this DVD‍ player offers clear and ⁢high-quality sound. If⁢ you ‍prefer a more intimate listening experience, simply connect ⁣your headphones to the 3.5mm earphone jack. The player supports USB ‌and SD cards up to 32GB, allowing you to enjoy your favorite multimedia ⁢files ⁤in various ​formats such⁢ as MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG,⁢ and JPEG. ⁤

One of‍ the standout features of this ⁢DVD⁣ player ‍is‍ its ​7.5″ swivel display screen, which‍ can be rotated up to 270 degrees horizontally and flipped‌ 180 ⁤degrees vertically. This allows you to easily adjust the viewing ⁢angle for⁤ an optimal viewing experience and convenient positioning. You can even fold it like a small computer and attach it ​to the car​ headrest for enjoyable road trips.

With ⁢three power supply options including ‍a ⁤built-in rechargeable battery, an AC power ⁣adapter, and a car charger, you can play⁤ your favorite movies and shows anywhere without worrying about battery‌ life. The DVD player also includes a last memory function, which resumes playback from where you left off, and supports all regions ‌and⁣ multiple disc formats including CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), ‍DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, and SVCD.

At “9.5” ⁤Portable DVD Player with 7.5″ Swivel‌ Display Screen, 5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD​ Player” ‌we are dedicated to⁤ providing excellent customer service. We offer⁢ a 12-month warranty and 24/7 after-sales ‌support⁢ to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. If you ⁣have‍ any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate ⁣to contact us through the Amazon ⁢message⁢ or our after-sales​ mailbox. ⁢To buy⁢ this ⁣amazing product, ‌click here:⁤ link

Highlighting Key Features‍ and​ Aspects‌ of the “9.5” Portable‌ DVD Player with 7.5″⁣ Swivel Display Screen, 5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD‌ Player,‍ Supports SD Card/USB/CD/DVD and Multiple Disc Formats, High Volume⁤ Speaker, Black”

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The 9.5″ ‌Portable DVD Player with 7.5″ Swivel Display Screen is the perfect companion for kids ‌and adults alike. With its stylish design and lightweight construction, it’s easy‍ to‍ carry and suitable for a variety of‌ scenarios. Whether you’re at home or on a ‌car ⁢trip, this ⁢portable ⁢DVD player will keep you entertained.

One of the standout features of this⁣ DVD player ⁤is its high-volume ⁤speaker, which​ delivers ⁤clear and ‌crisp sound quality. You can also ⁤use earphones for ‌a more personalized audio experience. In addition, it supports⁤ USB ‌and ⁤SD cards up to 32GB,‍ allowing you to easily playback your favorite​ MP3, WMA, ⁤and WAV files.

The swivel-screen function is another great feature ⁣of this portable DVD player. With ⁤a 270° flip and 180° swivel, you can easily⁢ adjust the⁢ angle to find the best viewing ​position. It can even⁢ be folded and attached ⁢to the car ⁣headrest, making it perfect for‍ road trips. Plus, with‍ a built-in rechargeable battery, you can enjoy ‌up ‍to⁣ 5⁢ hours of playtime. Don’t ‍worry about running out of ⁢battery power – the package includes an AC​ power adapter​ and car​ charger.

This ‌DVD player supports a wide range of disc formats, including CD,⁢ DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, and ⁤SVCD-R(RW). It’s even region-free, so you can play ⁣discs ⁢from any region. Additionally, it ⁣supports multimedia files via USB and​ SD card, such as VOB, MPEG, MP3, ‍WMA, and JPEG.

Operating this DVD player is⁤ a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly control panel. ​The clear keys allow you to easily navigate through the menu and control‌ options like volume, play, pause, and skip. ‌Plus, the built-in break-point ⁢memory function⁤ ensures that your ⁢DVD ⁢will resume playing from⁤ where you left ⁢off.

At ​PJGCWB, we strive to provide excellent customer service.​ We offer 24/7 after-sales support and‌ a 12-month warranty to ensure your satisfaction. If you encounter ⁢any issues,⁤ please reach out to us through Amazon messages or our‌ after-sales mailbox. We’re always ready⁣ to assist you.

Don’t ‌miss ⁢out⁤ on⁤ this⁣ fantastic⁤ portable DVD player. Click here to⁤ get yours now ‍and enjoy a high-quality ⁤visual and audio experience wherever you‌ go.

Detailed Insights and Performance Analysis of the “9.5” Portable DVD ‍Player with 7.5″ Swivel⁤ Display‍ Screen, 5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD Player, Supports SD Card/USB/CD/DVD and Multiple Disc Formats,⁢ High⁣ Volume Speaker, Black”

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In our detailed insights and ​performance analysis of the‍ “9.5” Portable DVD‍ Player with 7.5″ Swivel Display Screen, 5-Hour ⁤Built-in Rechargeable ​Battery, Car DVD Player, Supports ‌SD Card/USB/CD/DVD and Multiple Disc Formats, High Volume Speaker, Black,”⁤ we found this portable DVD player to be an excellent choice for children and adults alike. ‌With its stylish design and lightweight construction, it is easy to carry and makes for the perfect companion on both home​ and car travels.

One of the standout features of this DVD ‌player is its built-in ‍dual speakers, which deliver clear and high-quality sound. In addition to using the‍ built-in speakers, you also have the option of using earphones for a more immersive audio experience.

We were impressed by the player’s compatibility with various media formats. It ⁤supports⁢ USB and​ SD cards up to 32GB, allowing you​ to easily play your ‌favorite MP3, WMA, and WAV files. The player is also⁢ region-free, meaning that it can play CDs and DVDs from all regions.

The swivel-screen feature is another ‍highlight⁣ of this DVD⁢ player. With a 270° horizontal swivel and 180° flip capability,⁤ you can easily adjust the screen‍ to the best viewing angle for a truly immersive experience. The screen can be folded like⁢ a ⁤small⁣ computer and attached ⁢to the ​car​ headrest, making it perfect for road trips.

With ⁢three ⁣power supply options – a built-in rechargeable battery, an⁣ AC power adapter, and a high-quality car charger⁣ – ⁤you can enjoy up to 5 ‍hours of playtime⁢ anywhere you go. ‍The “Last Memory” function ensures that the player will resume playback from where you left off, even ⁣if ⁣you turn it off and on again.

This DVD player also ⁤supports a ⁢wide array of multimedia formats, including CD, DVD, VCD, and ‍SVCD. ⁣However, please ‍note ⁤that it does‌ not⁣ support Blu-ray DVDs.

Overall,​ we were highly satisfied with the performance and features of the “9.5” Portable ⁣DVD Player with 7.5″ Swivel ​Display Screen, 5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD Player, Supports‍ SD Card/USB/CD/DVD and Multiple Disc Formats, High Volume Speaker, Black.” It offers⁢ excellent visual quality, ease of use, and a range of ⁣practical functions that make it a versatile entertainment device. If you’re in the market for a portable DVD player, we highly recommend⁣ checking out this product. Click here to buy now.

Specific Recommendations on​ Using the “9.5” Portable DVD ⁣Player‌ with 7.5″⁣ Swivel‌ Display Screen, 5-Hour Built-in‍ Rechargeable Battery, Car DVD Player, Supports SD Card/USB/CD/DVD and Multiple Disc Formats, High ⁢Volume Speaker, Black

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  1. Take advantage of the portable and lightweight⁢ design of the PJGCWB ‍Portable DVD Player. It is perfect for keeping kids entertained on road trips ​or for​ use ​at home. With its stylish​ and compact ⁤design, you can⁣ easily carry it wherever​ you go.

  2. Enhance your viewing experience with the swivel-screen feature. The‍ 270°X180° rotation allows ​you⁤ to adjust the screen ⁢to your preferred angle, ensuring you get‌ the ‍best viewing experience‍ in⁤ any position. Whether‍ you’re sitting in the car⁣ or⁤ relaxing​ at home, find the perfect ‍viewing angle with ease.

  3. Make use of the three power supply options. The ⁢built-in⁤ rechargeable ⁣battery provides up⁢ to 5‍ hours of playtime, making‌ it convenient for long journeys. Additionally, the package includes ⁤both an AC power adapter ⁣and a car⁣ charger, giving you the flexibility to ⁤play your DVDs anywhere, anytime.

  4. Experience excellent sound quality⁣ with the dual speaker design. The high⁢ volume speakers deliver louder ​and clearer ‌sound, and you also have the option to connect your earphones for a more personalized audio experience. Please note that the ⁢sound quality ‍also depends‌ on the DVD sound source.

  5. Enjoy ⁤a wide range of multimedia options with this portable DVD ‍player.⁣ It ⁢supports‌ CD,‌ DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD-R(RW), CD-R(RW), and also plays‍ various multimedia files through USB and SD Card. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to music, or⁤ browsing through your​ photo collection, this DVD player has⁤ got you covered.

  6. Take ‌advantage of⁢ the easy-to-use control panel. The clear and intuitive ​interface allows you to⁤ navigate effortlessly through the different ⁣functions of the DVD player. ⁣Adjust the volume, ⁤skip tracks, and pause/play​ your content with ease. The built-in break-point memory function ensures ⁢that your​ DVD will resume playback ​from where you left off, even if you ⁢turn off the player.

  7. Experience excellent visual quality ⁣with ​the 7.5-inch‌ eye protection screen. The screen can rotate 270° and flip 180°, allowing you to find the perfect ​angle and protect your eyes.⁤ With a resolution of 800*480, this portable ​DVD player delivers​ an outstanding visual experience.

In ⁣conclusion, the “9.” is ‌a versatile and ‍convenient device ⁣that provides entertainment ⁢on the go. Whether you’re traveling or at home, this DVD player offers a⁢ wide range of features and functions to enhance your viewing experience. Take advantage of the special offer and⁢ grab yours ​today from Amazon.

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

<p>We have analyzed the customer reviews for the 9.5" Portable DVD Player with 7.5" Swivel Display Screen, and here are our findings:</p>

<h3>Positive Reviews:</h3>

<li>The portable DVD player is perfect for road trips, allowing users to watch their DVD collection on the go.</li>
<li>The picture and sound quality of the DVD player are excellent, with a bright and crisp image.</li>
<li>The swivel display screen provides comfort and flexibility in viewing angles.</li>
<li>The DVD player is easy to use, even for children.</li>
<li>Customers find the DVD player affordable and a great value for the price.</li>
<li>The sound of the DVD player works well and covers up the audio of CDs playing simultaneously.</li>
<li>Customers love using the DVD player for road trips, dorm rooms, and overall entertainment purposes.</li>
<li>Many customers express satisfaction with their purchase and recommend it for others.</li>
<li>Some customers appreciate the seller's commitment to excellent customer service, offering a full refund and resolving any issues promptly.</li>
<li>The packaging of the DVD player is well done, ensuring that the product arrives safely.</li>

<h3>Negative Reviews:</h3>

<li>Some customers find the quality of the DVD player lacking, but it still serves their needs.</li>
<li>One customer encountered issues with the cable cord, as it did not work with their Vizio televisions.</li>
<li>The DVD player does not have a setup page as advertised, and the TV setup option is non-functional.</li>
<li>A customer received a damaged and potentially dangerous charger cord that quickly overheated.</li>
<li>Some customers experience a persistent whining sound when using headphones with the DVD player.</li>
<li>Despite the headphone issue, the picture quality and ability to play 4:3 aspect ratio DVDs are satisfactory for most customers.</li>
<li>Customers appreciate the included carry bag, long charger cord, and swivel feature of the DVD player.</li>
<li>One customer encountered freezing and grinding noises from the DVD player, negatively affecting their training course.</li>
<li>Another customer faced difficulties in reaching the company for support with their faulty DVD player.</li>
<li>A slight lack of sharpness and a minor line on the screen are reported by a customer, along with the persistent zoom number display.</li>

<p>Overall, the 9.5" Portable DVD Player with 7.5" Swivel Display Screen receives positive feedback for its usability, picture quality, and affordability. However, there are minor issues reported by some customers, such as compatibility problems and headphone sound quality. We recommend considering these factors before making a purchase decision.</p>

Pros & Cons

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Pros &⁣ Cons


  1. Portable and lightweight design, perfect for ⁢on-the-go movie nights
  2. 7.5″ swivel display screen with 270° ⁢rotation and 180° flipping for adjustable viewing angles
  3. Long battery life ⁣of up to ⁤5 hours⁢ for ‍uninterrupted entertainment
  4. Supports various disc formats‍ including CD, DVD,‌ VCD, and SVCD
  5. Compatible with USB and SD cards ‌up‌ to‌ 32GB, allowing for multimedia ‍playback
  6. Built-in dual speakers for clear and high-volume sound
  7. Includes AV IN and AV OUT ports for ⁣syncing the screen with other devices
  8. Comes with a 3.5mm AV OUT JACK for connecting to a TV or projector
  9. Last memory function resumes playback⁤ from where you left off
  10. Easy-to-use control ​panel⁢ with intuitive interface
  11. Three ⁣power supply options: built-in rechargeable battery, car ⁢charger, and AC power adapter
  12. Region-free DVD ‍player for worldwide compatibility
  13. Compact size and easy attachment to car headrest for road trips
  14. Affordable ⁢price with 12-month warranty and ⁤24/7 after-sales service


  • Does not support Blu-ray​ DVDs
  • Screen ​resolution ⁤is moderate at 800*480


The Must-Have Portable DVD Player for Movie Nights on the Go插图6
Q: Can I use this portable DVD player in my car?
A: ‌Yes, this portable DVD player is specifically designed for both ⁢home⁣ and car‍ use. It comes with a car charger, ⁤making it perfect ⁣for road trips or long ‍car rides.

Q: How long does the ‍battery⁢ last?
A: The built-in⁣ rechargeable battery ensures ⁣up to 5 hours of‌ playtime, giving you plenty of entertainment on the go.

Q: Can ​I connect this DVD player to a TV ‌or projector?
A: Yes, it has AV IN and AV OUT ports, allowing you to connect it to​ a TV or projector⁣ for a larger viewing ​experience. It also has a‍ 3.5mm AV OUT ‌JACK for‍ easy connectivity.

Q: What formats does⁤ this DVD player‍ support?
A: This DVD player supports⁣ a wide​ range of formats, including CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD,​ SVCD, and ‌more. It also supports multimedia files via USB and SD Card, such as VOB, MPEG, MP3, WMA, and JPEG.

Q: Does this DVD player have dual speakers?
A: ⁣Yes, it has ⁢built-in dual speakers that provide a ⁢louder and ⁤clearer sound. It also⁣ has a 3.5mm earphone jack for additional ​listening options.

Q: Is ‌this ⁣DVD player region-free?
A: Yes,​ it is region-free, ⁣so you can play DVDs from any region without any ‍restrictions.

Q: How‌ easy is ⁣it to operate?
A: The control panel features clear buttons, making it easy to navigate and control‍ playback.‍ It⁢ also has ⁢a convenient break-point memory function ‌that picks up from where you left off last time.

Q:⁢ Does it come with different power supply⁢ options?
A: Yes, it comes with a high-quality car charger, an ⁣AC power ⁤adapter,​ and a built-in rechargeable battery. You can choose the power supply option⁢ that ​suits your ⁤needs.

Q: What is the screen size and resolution?
A: The portable ‍DVD player features a‍ 7.5-inch swivel⁣ display screen that can rotate ⁢270 degrees and flip ⁢180 degrees.⁣ It has a resolution ⁢of 800×480, providing an‌ excellent visual experience.

Q: ​Is there ⁣any warranty or after-sales service?
A: Yes, we provide​ a 12-month warranty and 24/7⁣ after-sales service to ensure‍ your satisfaction. If you encounter any issues, ⁢please contact us through the Amazon message or our after-sales mailbox, and we will be ​ready to assist you.⁣

Achieve New Heights

In‌ conclusion, the 9.5″⁤ Portable‌ DVD Player with 7.5″ Swivel Display ‌Screen is⁣ a must-have for movie nights on ⁤the go. ⁤With its ⁣stylish design and compact size, it is the perfect companion for both home and car ⁣travel. The built-in dual ⁣speakers provide clear sound quality, and the option to use earphones adds versatility to your⁣ viewing experience.

Not only does this DVD player support various disc formats, such‌ as CD, DVD, VCD, and SVCD, but it ⁢also supports multimedia files via USB and SD card,⁢ making it incredibly convenient ⁣for accessing a wide range of⁢ media. ‍The swivel-screen feature allows for easy adjustment to find ‌the best viewing angle, and it can​ even be folded and attached⁢ to the car headrest during road trips.

With three‍ power supply‍ options, including a ​built-in rechargeable battery, car charger, and⁢ AC power adapter, you can enjoy up to 5 hours ​of ​playtime anywhere⁣ you ‍go.⁤ The “Last Memory” function ensures ‌that you can pick up from ​where⁣ you left off, and the user-friendly control‌ panel makes ‌operating the⁤ DVD player a breeze.

And ​don’t forget, we⁢ offer a worry-free after-sales service and⁣ a 12-month‌ warranty, ensuring‌ that you have a 100% satisfied buying experience. ⁣If you have ⁤any issues or questions, we are always available to assist you.

So‌ why wait? ⁢Treat ⁣yourself or⁤ your ‌loved ones​ to the ⁣ultimate portable DVD player for movie nights on ‌the go. ‍Click ⁤here to check out the product and make ⁤your ⁢purchase: Purchase now!

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