Review: Woodford 122PX Hot Cold Water Faucet – Outdoor Versatility

Welcome, fellow‍ enthusiasts ​of household improvements and innovative solutions! Today, we’re diving into the world of ⁣practicality and convenience with our hands-on‍ experience of the Woodford⁢ 122PX Wall ⁤Faucet.

Imagine‍ the convenience of having hot​ and cold water readily available⁢ for ‌a range of ⁣tasks, from washing your⁢ car to giving your furry friend​ a⁤ refreshing bath. That’s exactly what the Woodford 122PX promises to deliver. As part of the Model 122 Series, this horizontal wall faucet is engineered to streamline your everyday activities with its versatile‌ functionality.

Picture this:​ you’re outside on a sunny ‍day, tackling your list of outdoor chores. With the‌ Woodford 122PX, you can effortlessly switch between hot and ‌cold water as needed, whether you’re scrubbing away⁤ grime from your vehicle or‍ pampering your beloved⁤ pet with a spa-like experience. ‍

One⁤ of the ‌standout features of the⁢ Woodford ⁤122PX is its compatibility with 2″ x 4″ framed walls, ‌making installation a breeze. And with separate hot and⁣ cold inlets, along with easy-to-use operating handles, you have full control over ‍the water temperature,⁣ ensuring optimal comfort and ‌efficiency.

Designed for mild climate areas, both indoors and outdoors, the ⁢Woodford 122PX is a⁢ reliable companion for any residential setting where freezing temperatures are not‌ a⁢ concern. ⁣Its PX inlets are compatible with various⁤ types of PEX tubing, offering flexibility and ease of connection.

In⁣ our experience, the Woodford 122PX has exceeded expectations, seamlessly integrating into our ‌daily routine and simplifying tasks that were once tedious. From its durable construction to its⁤ intuitive design, this wall​ faucet is a testament⁢ to the marriage of practicality and innovation.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into our firsthand experience with the⁢ Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet, exploring ‌its performance, ​durability, and‍ overall value. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or simply seeking smarter solutions for your home, join us on this journey as ‍we ⁢uncover the true essence of ​convenience and functionality embodied⁤ by ⁢the Woodford ​122PX.

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Our⁢ experience⁣ with the ⁣ Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet has been nothing short of exceptional. Crafted with precision, this faucet from the Model 122 ‌Series is ingeniously designed to cater ‍to various needs, from basic ⁣sanitary cleanup to indulgent pet⁣ care routines. Its versatility⁣ shines through‌ as it seamlessly provides both hot and ‍cold water, making it an indispensable addition to any ‌household.

One ⁤of ‌the standout features of this faucet is its compatibility with a 2″ x 4″ framed‍ wall, allowing for ‌easy installation without compromising structural integrity. With separate hot ⁣and cold inlets and operating handles, users have full control over water temperature, ⁤ensuring comfort and convenience. Whether it’s ⁢washing the car on a sunny afternoon or tending to furry friends, the Woodford 122PX ​proves to‌ be a reliable companion. Join us in experiencing the convenience and efficiency of this remarkable faucet by ⁤ getting yours today.

Product Features and Highlights

When⁤ it comes to versatile outdoor⁤ faucets, the​ Woodford 122PX stands out with its ⁣exceptional features and functionalities.⁢ This model ​from the 122 Series ⁣is ingeniously designed to offer both hot and cold water, making it ideal for a variety of tasks ranging from washing vehicles to ‌ sanitary cleanup and even pet care.

One of the standout features of⁣ the Woodford​ 122PX is its ability to be plumbed within a 2″‍ x 4″ framed wall, ensuring seamless integration ⁣into your‌ outdoor space. With separate hot and cold inlets ​and‍ operating‌ handles, users have full control over water temperature, allowing for convenient manual adjustments. Whether it’s outside hot and warm water‌ cleaning, washing the car, or tending​ to your furry friends, this faucet is up‍ to the⁢ task. Plus, its compatibility with types B and C PEX tubing ensures hassle-free installation with crimp rings or cinch clamps. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your outdoor water access with ⁣the Woodford 122PX.

Detailed Insights‍ and⁤ Performance ​Analysis

Upon evaluating the Woodford ⁢122PX, we found it ⁢to ‍be ‌a versatile solution for‌ various ⁢outdoor tasks. Its design, part of ⁤the Model ​122 Series, allows for‌ hot and cold water provision, making it suitable for washing vehicles, sanitary cleanup, and pet care.‍ What’s impressive is its adaptability, as it ⁣can be conveniently plumbed within a 2″ x⁤ 4″ framed wall,‍ ensuring ​seamless integration into your existing setup.

Key Features Benefits
Separate hot ‌and cold inlets Enables manual ‌water temperature ⁤control
Operating handles for each inlet Enhanced usability⁤ and convenience
Compatible with ⁣types B and ‌C PEX tubing Flexibility in installation options

Considering its suggested uses, which include outside hot and warm water cleaning, car washing, and pet care, the Woodford 122PX proves to be a⁤ reliable companion ​for outdoor‌ chores. Its compatibility with PEX tubing, along with options for crimp rings or cinch​ clamps, ensures ease of ⁣installation, catering to various‌ plumbing setups. Whether mounted⁢ on the exterior ‌or interior of residential structures in⁤ mild climate areas, this faucet provides the⁢ necessary functionality without ‌compromising on ⁤performance.

For those seeking a durable and efficient ‍solution for outdoor water needs, the Woodford 122PX presents a compelling choice.


After using the Woodford 122PX wall faucet, we’re⁣ pleased to share our ‍based on our experience. Firstly, we found its​ design incredibly practical, especially for outdoor ⁣use. The separate‌ hot and cold⁣ inlets and operating ​handles offer seamless‍ control‍ over water temperature, ideal for various tasks such as washing vehicles, sanitizing, and pet care.‌ Plus, its compatibility with⁤ 2″ x 4″ framed ⁤walls ensures easy installation, making⁢ it a convenient addition to any home.

Moreover, the Woodford 122PX boasts ​versatility with its suggested uses⁤ ranging from outside hot and ⁢warm⁤ water cleaning to pet care. Whether you’re washing the car or tending to your‌ furry friends, this faucet proves to be a reliable companion. Its⁢ compatibility with types B and C PEX tubing further enhances its adaptability, catering to different plumbing setups effortlessly. If you’re looking for a⁢ durable, user-friendly solution for your​ outdoor‌ water needs, we‍ highly recommend⁢ considering the Woodford 122PX ⁢wall faucet.

Customer Reviews Analysis


Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing customer feedback on the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet, we’ve⁤ gathered valuable insights to help you make an ⁢informed⁢ decision:

Review Summary Overall Rating
Well-built and‍ easy to install ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Perfect for a⁢ dog wash station ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Durable and solid faucet ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Convenient​ addition for garage use ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Happy with product quality and price ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Easy installation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Meets expectations ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Leakage issue noted with ⁤hose sprayer ⭐⭐⭐

Based on the reviews,‌ here are the ⁣key takeaways:

  • The faucet is praised for its durability, ease of installation, and suitability for various applications such as dog ⁣wash stations and garage setups.
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of having both hot‌ and cold water options, especially ⁤for tasks like washing cars or floors.
  • Some users recommend additional accessories like the Woodford DMP for enhanced functionality ​and ‌aesthetics.
  • However, a few customers experienced issues ​with leakage when using a hose sprayer, requiring extra precautions to prevent water damage.

In⁢ conclusion, the Woodford 122PX Wall ⁣Faucet offers solid performance and‌ versatility, making it a recommended choice for outdoor water needs.


Pros & Cons


Pros & ‍Cons


1. Outdoor Versatility
2. Separate Hot‍ and Cold Controls
3. Easy to Install
4. Durable Construction
5. Can be​ Plumbed within 2″ x 4″ Framed Wall


1. Not Suitable for Freezing Temperatures
2. May Require Professional Installation‌ for Some⁤ Users
3. Doesn’t Include Backflow Prevention Device



**Q&A‌ Section: Woodford 122PX Wall‍ Faucet**

Q1: Can the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet be used for both hot and cold water?

Yes,⁢ the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet is designed⁢ to provide ⁤both hot and cold water. It features separate hot and cold ⁢inlets and operating handles, allowing for manually operated ‌water temperature control. This versatility makes⁢ it ‍ideal for various outdoor tasks such as washing ⁢vehicles, sanitary cleanup, and⁢ pet care.

Q2: Can the​ Woodford 122PX Wall⁣ Faucet be installed in a ⁢2″⁤ x 4″ framed wall?

Yes, the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet can be plumbed within a 2″ x 4″ framed wall. Its compact design makes it‍ suitable for installation in tight ‍spaces while still providing the convenience of hot and cold water access outdoors.

Q3: ‍What type of ⁢tubing can⁢ be used‌ with​ the Woodford 122PX Wall ‌Faucet?

The Woodford 122PX​ Wall Faucet is compatible with types ⁤B and C PEX tubing,⁤ which can be connected using​ crimp rings ⁣or cinch clamps. This‌ flexibility in ⁤tubing⁢ options adds to ‍the‍ convenience of installation and ensures reliable water flow for outdoor‌ tasks.

Q4: Is the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet suitable for areas where freezing temperatures are common?

The Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet and its ‍counterpart, the V122, are designed ⁢for use in mild climate ‌areas where freezing is not⁤ expected. For areas prone ‌to freezing temperatures, we recommend considering other models specifically designed for freeze protection to‍ prevent damage to the faucet during cold weather.

Q5: What are some‍ suggested uses for the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet?

The Woodford 122PX Wall‍ Faucet is⁤ perfect for various outdoor tasks ⁤requiring hot and warm water, such as outside cleaning with hot water,‍ washing vehicles, and pet care. Its durable construction and temperature control features make it a reliable choice‌ for outdoor water needs.

Q6: Can​ the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet‍ be used⁤ indoors as well?

Yes, the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet can be installed both on ⁣exteriors and interiors of residential structures, providing hot and cold ‌water service as needed. Its versatile design and ⁤manual water temperature control make⁣ it suitable for a range ‍of applications‍ indoors and outdoors.

Q7:‌ Does‌ the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet require⁣ professional installation?

While installation requirements may vary based on plumbing knowledge ‌and experience, we recommend consulting with a professional plumber for ‍the installation of the Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet to ensure proper setup and functionality. Professional installation can also help avoid ​potential issues ‍and ensure⁣ long-term performance.

Unleash Your True Potential

As we wrap up our exploration of the Woodford⁤ 122PX Hot Cold Water Faucet,⁢ we’re left impressed by its versatility and practicality. From outdoor chores like washing the car to taking⁣ care of our furry friends, this faucet seamlessly integrates into our daily⁢ routines, ‍offering both⁣ hot and cold water at‌ our fingertips.

Its ‍thoughtful⁢ design,‍ with separate hot and cold inlets and operating handles, empowers us with precise control over water temperature. ​Whether it’s a chilly morning or a scorching ‍afternoon, we can adjust ⁢the settings with ‌ease, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

Furthermore, the ability to ‌plumb it within ⁤a 2″ x ​4″ framed wall adds a​ layer of convenience, making it a seamless addition to our living spaces. And with compatibility⁤ with types⁢ B and C PEX tubing, installation becomes even more straightforward, catering to a variety of setups.

In⁣ essence, the Woodford 122PX Hot‍ Cold Water Faucet isn’t⁢ just a ‌practical addition to ‌our outdoor spaces; it’s a reliable companion​ for our everyday tasks, simplifying our lives with its functionality ‌and​ durability.

Ready to elevate your ‍outdoor⁢ water ⁤experience? Click here to get your own ​Woodford 122PX Wall Faucet and ​start enjoying the convenience it ​brings to your daily routine:‍ Get ‍it now!

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