Discover the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA: The Ultimate Water Boiler & Warmer!

Welcome to our product review blog post on the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water⁤ Boiler And ‌Warmer, Black. We are ⁢thrilled to share our first-hand experience with this incredible appliance that⁢ has revolutionized our tea brewing ‍routine. With its impressive⁢ features and sleek design, this water ⁤boiler and warmer has quickly become an indispensable part of‍ our ⁤daily lives.

The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA ​Commercial Water⁣ Boiler‌ And Warmer boasts a generous 169 oz. (5-liter) capacity, making it perfect for serving a large number of guests or even⁢ just ⁢for personal use throughout the day. Its ability‍ to ​keep the ⁢water at three different temperatures, 208 degrees F, 195 degrees F, and 175 degrees F, allows ​us to⁤ brew a wide variety of teas‌ with‌ ease. Each temperature ⁤setting is ‍carefully calibrated to bring out the unique⁤ flavors and aromas of ​different tea types, ensuring a‌ perfect cup of tea every time.

One ‍of‍ the standout features of⁤ this water boiler and warmer is its Quick Temp mode. ‍Not‌ only ​does it quickly bring the water to either 195 degrees⁤ F or 175 degrees F, but it also keeps it warm directly‌ without‌ reaching a boil. This feature is incredibly convenient ‍for those times when we’re in ‍a rush but still‍ want to enjoy a steaming cup of tea without compromising on quality.

The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial⁣ Water Boiler And Warmer⁤ also comes ⁣with a 7-hour delay timer, allowing us ‍to set it up the night ​before and wake up to hot water ready for ⁤brewing our favorite tea⁤ in the morning. ⁢This feature ​has undoubtedly made our⁢ mornings a lot more relaxed‍ and enjoyable.

In terms of construction, ⁤this ‍water boiler and warmer is​ made from high-quality aluminum, ⁢ensuring durability and ⁤longevity. The sleek‍ black design adds ‌a touch of elegance to our ⁤countertop, ⁤making it a stylish addition ⁤to any kitchen.

In ⁢conclusion, our experience with the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA ‌Commercial Water Boiler‌ And Warmer has been nothing short of exceptional. Its impressive capacity, precise temperature ⁤settings, ⁣Quick Temp mode, and⁣ convenient⁣ delay ​timer make it a must-have appliance for tea enthusiasts. We⁤ highly recommend it‌ to anyone who values convenience, efficiency, and the⁢ perfect ‌cup of tea.

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Overview of the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial ⁣Water Boiler And Warmer, Black

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The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer is⁣ the perfect‌ addition to any beverage station or kitchen. With‌ its sleek black design ‍and generous 169 oz.‍ capacity, this water boiler is both stylish and practical. Whether you’re brewing tea or need hot water for ⁣cooking, this boiler keeps ⁤water at the‍ perfect ‍temperature for as long as ‍it’s plugged in. ⁣

One of the standout‌ features of this‌ water boiler is the ability⁣ to choose from three different temperatures – 208 degrees F, 195 degrees F, and 175 degrees ‌F. This⁣ allows you to brew​ different varieties of ⁢tea at their optimal ⁢temperatures for the⁤ best flavor and aroma. Additionally, the quick temp mode quickly brings the ⁢water to 195⁤ degrees F or 175 degrees F ⁣without reaching ‍a‍ boil, saving you‌ time and energy.

The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA also comes with a convenient 7-hour delay timer, so ⁢you can set it ⁢up​ the night⁢ before and wake up to hot water ready to ​go in the morning. The REBOIL⁣ feature keeps the water warm at your desired temperature, so you don’t have to wait for it to heat up every time you need a cup. Made ​with ‍durable aluminum material, this⁤ commercial water boiler is built to ⁤last.⁣ Say goodbye to waiting ⁢for water⁤ to boil and invest in the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water Boiler And‌ Warmer. To purchase this⁤ product,⁢ click here.

Primary ​features and aspects of​ the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA ​Commercial Water Boiler‍ And Warmer, Black

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The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA⁢ Commercial‌ Water Boiler And⁤ Warmer, Black is ⁢a ⁤versatile and efficient kitchen appliance with a ⁤generous 169 oz. capacity. It boasts a range of primary features⁢ and aspects that make it stand out⁤ among ​its competitors. Whether you’re a⁣ tea enthusiast or‌ simply⁤ need ⁢hot water⁢ on demand, this water boiler‌ and warmer has got ⁢you ⁢covered.

One of the standout features ⁢is the ability‌ to ‌select from three different⁣ temperatures: 208 degrees F, 195 degrees F, and 175 degrees F. This allows you to brew different‌ varieties of tea at their optimal temperatures, ensuring ⁤a perfect cup every time. Additionally, ‍the new quick temp mode brings the water to either 195 ⁣degrees F ‍or 175 degrees F rapidly,​ eliminating the need ‍to wait for⁣ the water to boil.

The convenience of this water boiler and warmer is further enhanced by ​its 7-hour‌ delay timer. This means you can set it up the previous night and wake up⁣ to hot ⁤water‌ ready for your morning beverages. No more waiting ‍around for the water to heat​ up! The reboil feature is also handy for keeping⁣ the water at your desired ⁤temperature throughout the day. ‍With its durable aluminum ⁢construction and ‌sleek black design,‌ this commercial countertop appliance is both stylish and ‌functional.

If you’re​ looking for a reliable and efficient water boiler and warmer for⁤ your home or office, the​ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water⁣ Boiler And Warmer, Black is ⁣the perfect ⁢choice. Click here ‌to ​get ‌yours today and experience the convenience and versatility it has to offer.

Detailed​ insights and ⁤observations on ‍the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA​ Commercial Water Boiler And ‌Warmer, Black

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When it comes to a commercial water boiler and warmer, the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is a standout option. ⁣With a generous⁢ 169 ⁣oz. capacity, it can serve up to 21 cups of 8 oz each, ​making ⁤it perfect for large ⁣gatherings or busy offices. One of the features that ‌impressed us the most is the ability to⁢ select⁣ from three‌ different temperatures – 208 ⁢degrees ‍F, 195⁤ degrees F, and 175 ‍degrees ⁣F. These temperatures are specifically designed for brewing different varieties of tea, ensuring that you get the perfect taste every time.

What sets ⁤this water⁣ boiler and warmer apart from others in its class is the quick temp mode. This feature allows the water to​ reach either 195 degrees F ⁤or 175 degrees F without the need to​ reach a full boil.⁤ This​ is incredibly convenient if you’re in a hurry ​or simply prefer your water at a lower temperature. The quick temp mode also comes in handy for ‌keeping the water​ warm directly without ⁢having to wait for it to boil.

Another notable⁢ feature is the 7-hour delay timer. This means you can set it ‍up the night before and wake up to hot water ready for your morning coffee or tea. No ⁣more waiting around for the water to boil, ⁣saving you time ‌and energy. The ‍material used⁢ for this water boiler and warmer is ​aluminum, which ⁤ensures ​durability and efficient heating.⁤ With its sleek black design, it ‍is⁣ both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

If you’re in the market for a ​high-quality commercial water​ boiler‌ and warmer, we highly recommend ⁤the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA. Its capacity, temperature options, quick temp mode, and convenient delay⁤ timer make it a versatile and efficient appliance.​ Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your hot beverage experience – check it out on Amazon today!

Specific recommendations for the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer, Black

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We ​have ⁢some‍ specific recommendations ⁢for the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA⁤ Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer​ in black. This water boiler is a⁣ game-changer for tea ⁣lovers and anyone who constantly‌ needs⁤ hot water on ⁢hand.

Firstly, we love the versatility of this ⁢water boiler. It offers three different temperature options -‍ 208 degrees F, 195 ​degrees F, and 175 degrees F. This makes it perfect for brewing different varieties of tea,⁤ as each tea requires a specific temperature for optimal flavor. With the‍ quick temp mode, you can easily bring ‌the water to ⁢either 195 degrees F or ⁣175‌ degrees ⁢F without reaching a full boil. ⁣This saves time and energy, without ​compromising on taste.

Another standout feature is ‌the generous 169 oz. capacity, which can serve up to ⁣21 8 oz. cups. It’s perfect ⁣for parties, offices,⁣ or even when you just want to have hot water readily available throughout the day. The ability to keep ‌the water warm at 208 degrees F, ⁢195 degrees F, or⁢ 175 degrees F is a convenient touch,⁣ especially ⁣with​ the‌ reboil feature that allows you⁣ to bring ‌the water back up to the desired temperature swiftly.

Additionally, the 7-hour delay timer is a game-changer. Simply ⁣set it up the previous night, ⁤and wake up ⁣to ‌hot ‌water‌ ready‍ for⁤ you to enjoy your morning tea or coffee. This‌ feature adds⁢ a level of ⁢convenience to your daily routine that you didn’t know you needed.

In terms of design, this water boiler is made from ​durable aluminum, ensuring its⁢ longevity. The countertop design‍ is perfect for any kitchen⁣ or office ​setting, ⁣and the fact​ that no ⁣plumbing is ​required makes ‌it even more convenient.

This Zojirushi water ⁢boiler is a must-have for tea‍ enthusiasts and anyone​ who needs hot water⁣ readily available. Don’t ⁤miss ‍out – check out the product on Amazon now and experience the convenience and versatility ⁢for yourself!

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

Customer‌ Reviews Analysis

Review Overall Rating
My​ wife originally stated she didn’t want it or need it to clutter-up her kitchen ⁣and counter space. ‌However, now, she will not be without it.⁣ It simply makes daily ⁣life easier ⁢by having lots ⁣of hot water at-the-ready. We use it to ‍make iced tea, hot tea, grits, oatmeal, and so on. It really speeds up the cooking and hot beverages. If you think this might ‌be something you⁣ would⁣ enjoy, rest assured that it is. ⁣These are ​great quality. We are on our 2nd one, as the‍ first one quit heating ⁢after about⁤ five​ years. They ARE ‍worth the⁢ money. 5/5
Zojirushi, made ​in Japan, ​is⁤ trusted for good reason. Works wonderfully to boil and re-heat water that tastes fine. Cleans easily, looks good on‌ my kitchen counter in muted black color. Doesn’t take up much ​room yet holds⁢ 5 liters.⁣ Not‍ cheap and price seems to keep rising.​ Only ⁤have had it⁢ for about 5 months‌ so ⁤can’t really comment on its historical longevity. Would highly recommend. 4/5
We purchased this to replace an older smaller model that after a decade of constant daily ​use was really showing its age. This one holds⁤ more ⁣water than the older one, ⁤but it doesn’t‍ feel like it is taking ‌up much more table space. The operation and buttons are pretty much the same as the older version and as easy to use. It is perfect for convenient temperature-perfect water for tea and coffee with a footprint that fits in smaller kitchens or offices with limited counter space. ‌Care and ⁣maintenance are easy, and the quality⁤ seems as good as the prior one we had, so I expect to get a good 10 years out of it. 5/5
Ladies⁣ and gentlemen, gather around for ‌the hilarious comedy act brought to you by the Zojirushi ‍CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water Boiler ⁢and Warmer in ‌Black! This water boiler⁣ is ⁢not just a⁣ kitchen appliance; it’s a hot and ⁤funny spectacle that will leave you ‌in stitches!… 5/5
Zojirushi products‌ are ‍usually well-designed, sturdy, and high quality. This hot water​ dispenser is being used by a meditation center, on the ‌tea table, ⁤and we’ve been ‍using these Zojirushi hot water dispensers since‍ 2007.‌ They ‍are ‌given heavy use… 4/5
High quality⁤ and makes hot water‍ so much more convenient. Highly recommend. 5/5
Excellent product. This was a replacement for ​one that has been running for over‍ 10 years. 5/5
Made in Japan. This is a great water⁢ boiler/warmer.⁣ Careful of the cheaper Zojirushi models which are made in China—they may have‌ problems ​such as rust. But ‍this Japanese-made⁤ water boiler is ⁤great for small families, offices, and even ​college students… 5/5
Great quality product. Will get this brand in the future if⁤ needed. Love the 5L capacity so we don’t need to refill it as often. 5/5
Want to be noticed when the water​ is being boiled. 4/5
I’ve had two different Zoji boilers now⁣ and they are simply the best. When company comes over they⁢ always comment on it. I ⁢don’t ⁢really notice much difference​ with this “Commercial” model other than‌ more capacity and power ⁤cord⁤ is universal, ‌so ​easier to replace. I just love the self-clean feature, which is ‍on all ⁤modern‌ Zoji‍ models. My others are 5+ years and still going strong, I⁤ have no ⁣doubt this ‍will⁢ last that long and then some. 5/5
Item⁣ does ⁤what the ⁣description said. ​Only took 1 star for ease⁢ of‌ use‍ because of calcium. I already knew⁣ about this issue when buying so ⁢we use Brita filtered water and ​reduce time boiling and maintaining temp of water to hours needed. This seems to help reduce calcium. 4/5
This​ is my second Zojirushi water⁤ boiler. Our first lasted for‍ years. We drink a lot of tea throughout ‌the day, and ‌it’s great not having to⁢ wait for the kettle to boil! We chose this one because it ⁣holds 5L of ‍water where our‍ previous held 4L and they were‌ the same price. However, ⁤this one doesn’t have a ⁤window that shows the current ‍temperature of the water as it is boiling, which is why I’m not giving it 5 stars. When ⁢we eventually replace this one, we will order the 4L ​version instead for that ‍convenience. 4/5

Based on the customer ⁣reviews, we have analyzed⁤ the ​overall feedback for the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water​ Boiler And Warmer⁤ in Black:

  1. Convenience and Efficiency: Multiple customers mentioned ‍that the water boiler and warmer significantly ‌improved their⁣ daily routines. It‌ aided in‍ faster cooking and hot beverage preparation, making tasks like making iced ⁤tea, hot tea, grits, and oatmeal much ⁣easier ‌and quicker. There were also⁢ positive remarks about the quality and longevity of this product.
  2. Design and Space Efficiency: Customers appreciated ⁢the sleek design ‌of the Zojirushi water⁣ boiler ‍and warmer in‌ its muted black color, finding it visually appealing for their kitchen counters. They were satisfied with ⁣its capacity of holding⁣ 5 liters of water without taking up too much space. Some ‌even found it suitable ⁤for smaller kitchens or offices with limited counter space.
  3. Joke-like and Attractive Features: One particular review highlighted the Zojirushi water boiler and‍ warmer as a ​comedic spectacle, comparing it⁢ to‍ a ‍magic cauldron, a water wizardry show, ​and a hilarious comedy act. The “Commercial” model, in ​particular, was applauded ​for its impressive features and performance.
  4. Trust in Zojirushi⁤ Brand: ⁢Customers placed trust in the Zojirushi⁢ brand, expressing gratitude for their usually well-designed, ⁣sturdy, and high-quality‌ products. Specifically, the Japanese-made ⁣water boilers were favored for‍ their reliability ⁢and safety features.
  5. Minor‌ Drawbacks: Some customers ‍mentioned a few minor drawbacks, such as ⁤the⁤ price increase over⁣ time, difficulty in understanding the ⁢”unlock” button’s functionality, and ⁣the absence of a window showing the current water temperature ⁢when boiling.

In conclusion, the‌ overall customer sentiment for the Zojirushi ⁢CD-LTC50-BA‌ Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer in‌ Black is ⁢positive, with customers praising its convenience,‍ quality, and design.‌ Customers appreciated its efficiency, space-saving features, and reliability.⁢ There were only a few minor drawbacks‍ identified, which did not significantly impact the overall satisfaction with this product.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. Large Capacity: The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA has a generous 169 oz. (5-liter) capacity, ​allowing it to ⁢serve ⁢up to 21 – 8oz. ‍cups of hot water.
  2. Multiple Temperature Options: With three ‌temperature settings ​(208 degrees⁢ F, ⁤195 degrees F, and 175 ⁤degrees⁤ F), this water boiler⁤ is perfect for brewing different varieties of tea, ensuring optimal ‌flavors.
  3. Quick Temp Mode: The‌ quick⁢ temp mode‍ allows you to rapidly heat the water to either ⁢195 degrees F or 175⁤ degrees‌ F without having to⁢ wait for it‍ to reach a boiling ‍point.
  4. Convenient REBOIL Feature: The REBOIL feature maintains the ⁣water ‌temperature at either⁤ 208 degrees F, 195 degrees ‍F, or ‌175⁣ degrees F, ensuring your hot water is‍ always ready ‍whenever ‌you need it.
  5. 7-Hour Delay Timer: You can‌ set the 7-hour delay timer⁤ the night before, and⁣ have⁣ hot water ready ⁣for your morning‍ routine.
  6. No Plumbing Required: This commercial water ⁤boiler and warmer can be placed on any ⁤countertop ‍without⁣ the need for complex plumbing installations.


  • Material Type: The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is ⁣made of aluminum, ‍which‌ may not be⁢ as⁢ durable as other materials like stainless‌ steel.
  • Bulky Size: Due to ‍its‍ large capacity, ‍this water boiler‌ and warmer may take up⁢ considerable space​ on your countertop.
  • Noisy‍ Operation: Some ​users have reported that the ‍boiler can be a bit noisy, especially when the water is⁣ boiling or reheating.
  • Price: Compared‍ to‌ other models, the⁣ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is on the pricier side, which may ‌not ⁢be ideal ‍for budget-conscious consumers.


The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water Boiler and⁣ Warmer offers a ‍large capacity ⁣and‍ multiple temperature options‍ to cater⁤ to various ‍hot beverage needs. With its quick temp mode and convenient features like ⁣the REBOIL function and 7-hour delay timer, it ensures ‌you never have​ to wait for hot water. However, the aluminum construction, bulky⁣ size, noisy operation, and higher price ​point may be ​drawbacks for some users. ‍Overall, if you’re willing to invest in a reliable ⁤and⁢ versatile water boiler and warmer, the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA⁤ is worth considering.


Q: How long ⁢does the‌ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA take to bring the water to the desired temperature?
A: The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA features a quick temp mode that can bring the water ⁣to either⁣ 195 degrees‍ F or⁢ 175 ⁣degrees F without reaching a⁢ boil. This means you can have hot water within minutes.

Q: Can I ⁢use ⁣this water ‌boiler and⁢ warmer for brewing tea?
A: Absolutely! The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is designed ‌with three‍ different temperature settings – 208 degrees F, 195 degrees F, and 175​ degrees F.‌ This allows you to choose‍ the optimal temperature⁢ for brewing various types of tea.

Q: How long can ⁣this water boiler⁤ and warmer keep​ water⁣ hot?
A: The Zojirushi ⁣CD-LTC50-BA ⁤features a keep warm function that can maintain the⁣ temperature of the water at 208 degrees F, 195 degrees F, or ‍175 degrees F for as ‍long as it’s plugged in.

Q: How much water can this water‍ boiler and warmer hold?
A: The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA has a generous capacity of 169 ounces or 5 liters, which can serve up to 21 cups‍ of 8 ⁤ounces each. This makes it perfect​ for large gatherings or offices.

Q: Is the Zojirushi ⁤CD-LTC50-BA ​difficult to ⁢operate?
A:​ Not at all! This water ‌boiler and‍ warmer is⁢ user-friendly ⁤with its simple and intuitive control panel. You can easily select⁣ your desired temperature and activate the ⁤various functions with just a few⁤ touches.

Q: Can I set a timer​ for ‌the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA to have hot water⁢ ready ⁤in the morning?
A: Yes, you can! The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA comes with a convenient 7-hour delay timer. Simply set it⁤ up‌ the night before, ‍and you can wake up‌ to hot water ready for your morning routine.

Q: Does the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA require any plumbing installation?
A: No, it does not! This water boiler and warmer is a commercial countertop appliance,​ so you can easily place it wherever you need hot water without the hassle of plumbing.

Q: What is the material of the Zojirushi ‌CD-LTC50-BA?
A: The Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is made of ‍durable aluminum, making it resistant to corrosion and ensuring⁢ its longevity.

Q: Is the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA suitable for home use or just for commercial purposes?
A: ‍The⁣ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA‍ is‌ perfect for both ⁣home and commercial use. Its large capacity and versatile ​temperature settings make ‌it ideal for serving multiple cups of ⁣hot ‌water, whether for yourself, your ​family, or your customers.

Q: Can I use this water boiler and warmer to keep other beverages warm, like coffee or ⁢hot chocolate?
A: Absolutely! ​While the Zojirushi​ CD-LTC50-BA is designed with tea in mind, you can certainly use it to keep other hot ‌beverages warm,​ such as coffee, hot chocolate, ‍or ⁢even soup.

Remember, the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is the ultimate‌ water boiler and warmer for all your hot water needs. Its generous capacity, precise ‍temperature controls, and convenient features make ⁢it a true game-changer.⁤ Say ‍goodbye‌ to waiting for water ‌to boil, and⁤ say hello to instant hot water whenever⁣ you want it.

Unlock Your​ Potential

As we come ⁢to the end of our product⁤ review ‌on the remarkable‌ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial‌ Water Boiler And‌ Warmer, Black,​ we can’t ​help‍ but be captivated ‍by its exceptional features. The possibilities that this sleek and powerful appliance brings to your daily routine are⁤ truly endless.

Imagine waking up to‌ the tantalizing aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tea, ​perfectly crafted at your desired temperature. With this Zojirushi water boiler​ and warmer, ​every morning‍ can ‍be a delightful experience, ⁢as you ⁣effortlessly⁣ select from ‌three optimal brewing ‌temperatures⁢ – 208 degrees F, 195‍ degrees F, and 175 degrees F.

But what truly sets the⁢ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA apart is its Quick⁤ Temp mode, which rapidly brings the water ⁢to⁣ either 195 degrees F⁢ or 175 degrees F without ⁣the need to wait for a boiling point. ‌Convenience has never been⁣ so readily available.

Not only does this remarkable water boiler and⁤ warmer serve ‍up to 21 8oz. cups of hot water with its generous 169 oz.⁤ (5-liter) capacity, but it also maintains the ‌perfect serving temperature of 208 degrees F, ‍195​ degrees F, or 175 ⁤degrees F for your convenience. And should ‌you require a fresh ‍refill, the REBOIL feature ensures‍ your water⁣ stays hot ​and ready at⁣ all‌ times.

Furthermore, the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA is designed ⁣with your busy lifestyle in mind. Its convenient 7-hour delay timer allows you to ⁢set it up the night before, ensuring ⁤piping hot water awaits you in the morning. With this​ remarkable ⁤feature, your mornings will never be the same.

In conclusion, the Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer, Black ‌is an appliance that brings both elegance and convenience ⁣to your‍ daily routine. Its superb functionality and thoughtful design are sure to enhance ⁢your tea-brewing experience to ⁢new heights.

If ‌you’re ready to elevate your tea ⁤time‍ experience, we invite you to seize the opportunity and make this incredible appliance your⁢ own. Click here⁢ to grab your very own⁢ Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA from ‌Amazon.

Remember, life is too short for mediocre tea. Treat yourself to the ultimate water boiler⁤ and warmer and make each sip a moment to savor.

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