Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone 4 (3in 1): Incompatible with 4s

Are you tired ⁤of constantly ⁤having to charge your iPhone 4 throughout the⁢ day? Look no further!⁣ We recently tried out ​the Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone‌ 4⁣ (3in ‌1) not Compatible with ​4s and we ‌were impressed with⁢ the results. This battery is specifically designed for the iPhone 4⁤ and comes ⁤in a convenient 3in1 kit,​ including the battery, tools, and a ⁤USB ​charger data cable. With a capacity of⁢ 1420mAh, this​ high-quality⁣ Li-Ion battery will keep your phone powered throughout the day. However, it’s important to⁤ note that this battery is‌ not⁣ compatible ‍with the ‌iPhone 4s ⁤due to differences in the connector.⁤ So if you⁢ have an‍ iPhone 4 ‌and ​are in need​ of a reliable ⁢battery, be‌ sure to check out our⁣ full review to see if this product is⁣ the ⁤right fit for you.

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After getting our‌ hands ⁤on the Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone 4 (3in 1), we⁤ were​ excited to put it to the⁤ test. This battery is⁢ specifically designed for the iPhone 4 ⁢model, as indicated by the model number IP4. ​It’s important to note that this⁢ battery is ⁢not compatible with the iPhone ⁣4s, so make sure to‌ double-check compatibility ⁣before making a ⁢purchase. The 3in 1 kit includes the battery itself, a tool for installation, and a USB charger data cable.

With a capacity of 1420mAh and a voltage of ‌3.7V,‍ this Li-Ion battery is of high quality and promises reliable performance. The ​battery’s operation⁣ time will vary ⁣depending on⁢ factors such as transmitting ‍power level, signal strength, and network parameters. Overall, we ‍found the Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone⁢ 4‌ to be a solid choice for those in need of a⁤ replacement.

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Key ‌Features of Winnerplusa Battery for ‍iPhone 4

When it comes to the Winnerplusa Battery for⁤ iPhone 4, the key‌ features that stand out⁤ are its compatibility and 3in1 kit functionality. The​ model number for this battery⁣ is⁢ IP4, ⁢specifically designed for the⁢ iPhone 4 and not compatible with the 4s model. It⁤ is essential ​to ‌carefully check the specifications to ⁣ensure a proper fit due ‍to the ⁤different connector ⁤types. The 3in1 kit includes the battery itself, a tool for installation, and ⁤a USB charger data cable for ⁣convenience.

Moreover, this high-quality Li-Ion battery boasts ⁣a voltage‍ of 3.7V and a capacity of 1420mAh, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. ⁣The battery’s‌ operation time is dependent on various conditions such as transmitting power level, signal strength, and ‍network‌ parameters ‍set ⁤by⁣ the operator. With this ‌all-inclusive kit, ⁣users can easily replace their ⁣old⁤ iPhone 4 battery and enjoy ⁤extended usage ⁢without worrying about power‍ drainage. Upgrade your iPhone 4 with the ⁣Winnerplusa Battery to keep it ⁤running smoothly and efficiently. Visit our product link for⁤ more information and ⁤to ‍make a purchase!

Detailed Insights on⁢ Compatibility Issue with iPhone⁤ 4s

After purchasing the Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone ⁤4, we were excited ⁣to upgrade our phone’s battery life. However, upon receiving the product, we realized that ‌it is not compatible⁤ with the iPhone ‍4s.⁣ Despite carefully reading the specifications, the connector ​was different, making it only ⁢suitable for the iPhone 4. It was disappointing to discover this compatibility issue, as we ⁣were unable to ‍use⁤ the battery as intended.

Despite the compatibility setback, the 3in1 battery ⁤kit⁤ includes not only the battery but also a tool and a USB charger data cable. The high-quality‍ Li-Ion battery ‍has a voltage of‌ 3.7V and a capacity of 1420mAh, promising ⁤extended battery life⁣ for⁢ iPhone 4 users. We⁣ recommend double-checking compatibility before purchasing⁣ to avoid any disappointments. If you⁣ have an iPhone 4 and are in need of a ‍reliable battery replacement kit, ⁣check out the product here.

Recommendations for Using Winnerplusa Battery with iPhone 4

When using the ⁤Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone 4, it’s important to note​ that ⁣it‌ is not compatible with‌ the 4s ‌model due ⁣to differences in connectors. This 3in1 battery kit‍ comes with ‍the⁢ battery ‌itself, a tool for installation, ⁤and a USB charger data cable. The high-quality ⁤Li-Ion battery has a voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 1420mAh, providing reliable⁣ power for your ⁤iPhone 4.

To ensure⁣ optimal performance ⁤from your Winnerplusa Battery, consider ⁢the following ⁣recommendations:

  • Carefully read the specifications to confirm compatibility with ‌your iPhone 4.
  • Use the provided installation tool for a secure and ⁢proper fit.
  • Charge the battery fully before ⁣initial use to maximize ⁤its operation time.
  • Monitor network parameters and signal strength for⁢ efficient​ power management.
  • Keep a spare ‍battery on hand⁤ for uninterrupted use of your iPhone 4.

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Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

After ‌analyzing ⁢customer reviews for the Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone 4 (3in 1) that is not compatible ⁢with iPhone⁣ 4s, we found a‍ mix ‍of positive and negative⁢ feedback ​from users.

Review Rating
Easy to install and good for iPhone 4 5 ​Stars
Works well ⁤but battery life is short 4 Stars
Disappointed, worse ⁤battery than original 2 Stars
Perfect for iPhone⁤ 4s photos recovery 5 Stars
Works fine but not long-lasting charge 3 Stars

Overall, customers appreciated the ease of installation‍ and the performance of the battery for the iPhone 4. However, some users experienced issues with the battery lasting long and some ⁢even ⁤found it ‍worse than the original. ‍It is important to ensure⁢ you have the correct model compatibility before purchasing.

It’s ⁣worth noting ‍that⁢ some customers⁤ had positive experiences with the battery in⁣ terms of functionality⁢ and convenience, while others faced challenges with its performance.

Before⁣ buying the ⁣Winnerplusa Battery​ for iPhone​ 4, make sure to double-check compatibility for your specific​ phone model to avoid any disappointments.

Pros & Cons


Below are some ‍advantages of the ⁤Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone ⁣4 (3in 1) ⁢not compatible with 4s:

1 High quality Li-Ion‌ battery
2 Comes with USB charger data cable and tool
3 Good capacity of 1420mAh


However, there are some drawbacks to consider⁣ before purchasing ‍this battery:

1 Not compatible with iPhone ⁢4s
2 Connector is different from iPhone 4s

Overall, the Winnerplusa⁣ Battery for iPhone 4 (3in⁢ 1) is a good option⁤ for ‌those with⁣ an iPhone 4, but be aware of its limitations if you ‍have an iPhone 4s.


Q: Is this Winnerplusa Battery compatible with the ⁣iPhone 4s?

A: Unfortunately, no. This battery is specifically designed for the iPhone 4 only. The connector is different, ⁢so it will not work with⁣ the⁣ 4s​ model.‌ Please make sure to check⁤ our specifications carefully⁢ before purchasing.

Q:‍ What ⁣does the 3in1 kit include?

A: The⁢ 3in1 kit includes the battery, a⁢ tool for installation, and a USB ‍charger data cable. It has everything⁢ you ⁣need to replace your‍ iPhone ‍4 battery.

Q: What is the capacity of the battery?

A: The capacity of the battery is ‌1420mAh, ​which ⁤is a high-quality⁢ Li-Ion battery. The operation time will depend on various factors such as transmitting power level, signal strength, and network parameters set ‌by your operator.

Q: Can I use this battery in any other iPhone model?

A: No,⁢ this battery is specifically designed for the iPhone ⁤4 and is not compatible with‍ any⁤ other models. Please ⁢make sure⁢ to check the compatibility list before purchasing.

Q: Is the‌ battery ‌easy to install?

A: Yes, the 3in1 kit includes a tool for installation, making it easy to replace your⁣ iPhone 4 battery. However, if you are not comfortable​ doing it yourself, we recommend seeking professional help. ⁤

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In ​conclusion, the Winnerplusa Battery for iPhone 4 (3in 1) may be a great option for your iPhone 4, but ⁤remember it is ⁤not compatible ⁤with the 4s model. Make sure to double-check the specifications before purchasing to avoid any compatibility issues. If‍ you have any‍ further ​questions or would like more⁢ information, don’t hesitate to ‌reach out to us.

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