Revamp Your Home with Vintage Charm: Basin Faucet Review

Welcome back to our product‍ review blog, where we dive deep into the world of home ‍improvement and design. ‌Today, ​we ‍had the pleasure of⁢ testing out the Kingston⁢ Brass‍ CC7L8 Vintage ⁤Basin Tap Faucet‍ in Brushed Nickel, and let us tell you, we‌ were⁤ thoroughly impressed.

Taking inspiration from antique designs of ​the ⁤early 20th Century, this faucet​ brings a⁢ touch of refined splendor‌ and ornate detailing⁤ to any⁤ home. The basin ‌tap design​ allows for ⁤easy⁢ mixing of water within the sink, with ⁤separate hot and⁤ cold water taps for precise temperature control. ⁤The sturdy brass construction and premium brushed nickel finish ensure that this faucet will add a touch of traditional⁤ allure to your interior design for years to come.

With features like dual cross handles for⁢ easy⁤ rotation, corrosion-resistant finish, and easy-to-clean design, the Kingston Brass Vintage Basin Tap Faucet is a must-have⁤ for anyone‍ looking‍ to upgrade their bathroom⁢ or⁤ kitchen.​ Stay tuned as we break ⁣down all ​the reasons why‌ we love this faucet and​ why you should consider adding it⁤ to your ⁤home as well.

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Looking⁢ for a‍ touch of vintage charm for your home? Look no further than this stunning basin ⁢tap ⁣faucet that brings a classic early 20th-century design into your ‍space. The intricate details and ornate design of this faucet add⁤ a touch of refined splendor to ⁢any room. ​With separate ⁤hot and cold water taps controlled by easy-to-use cross⁣ handles, you can‍ achieve​ the perfect water temperature right at your sink basin. Crafted from sturdy⁤ brass with ‍a⁢ brushed nickel finish, this faucet is not only beautiful but built ​to‌ last for years to come, making it a perfect addition to your traditional ​home ⁣decor.

Deck-mounted​ with a 2-hole installation, this faucet offers a ⁢water‌ flow‍ rate of 1.2 GPM/4.5 LPM at 60 PSI, ensuring efficient ⁢performance.⁤ The corrosion-resistant finish and easy-to-clean design make maintenance a breeze, while⁤ the dual ​cross handles allow ⁣for smooth‍ and ​precise rotation. Elevate ​your home’s‍ aesthetic with this timeless‍ piece that exudes traditional allure and‌ sophistication. Embrace the elegance⁣ and functionality of ⁤the past ‌with this vintage basin tap faucet. Ready to add a touch of ‌classic beauty to your home? Get yours now on Amazon!

Design and Features

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The intricate detailing and ‍classic design of this vintage basin tap faucet truly bring a touch ‌of elegance to ‌any space. The cross handles ⁣not‍ only⁤ add‍ a charming traditional look but also make adjusting the water⁢ temperature a breeze. ⁢Crafted from durable brass with a beautiful brushed​ nickel finish, this faucet is built to last and will enhance ⁤the aesthetic of ​your home‌ for years to come. The ease of installation and maintenance make this faucet a practical and stylish⁣ choice for any bathroom.

With‌ a water flow rate of 1.2 GPM at 60 ⁣PSI, this faucet combines⁤ efficiency with timeless design.⁤ The corrosion-resistant finish ensures that it stays looking pristine with minimal effort required for ‍cleaning. The dual cross handles allow for ​easy rotation‌ and precise control‌ over the‍ water ⁢temperature. Elevate the look of your home with this stunning vintage basin tap faucet and experience the ⁣perfect blend of functionality and beauty. Visit the product page to bring a touch of refined⁢ splendor to your ⁢space.

Performance⁤ and Durability

When it ​comes to the of ‍this ⁣vintage basin tap faucet, ⁤we couldn’t be more‍ impressed. The ⁣solid brass construction ensures that this ‌faucet will withstand the⁣ test‌ of time,⁢ while the ‍premium brushed nickel finish adds a touch of elegance to any ‍traditional home ensemble. The‍ dual cross handles make it easy ⁣to​ adjust the water temperature‍ to your liking, giving you complete​ control over your sink ⁢basin experience.

With a water flow ⁣rate of 1.2 GPM ‌at 60 PSI, this faucet provides‍ ample water flow for ‍all your daily tasks. ⁤The corrosion-resistant finish means that⁣ cleaning ​and maintaining this faucet is ⁢a breeze, allowing you to ​enjoy its traditional ​allure for years to come.⁣ If you’re looking​ to ⁤add a touch of refined splendor and ⁣ornate ⁤design to your home, look no further ‍than this vintage ‌basin tap faucet.⁤ Upgrade‍ your traditional interior⁢ design⁢ with this timeless piece today!

Deck Mount 2-Hole Installation
1-1/4″ Spout ‍Clearance
3-1/2″ Spout Reach

Ready to bring a touch of antique charm to your​ home?‌ Click here to ‌purchase⁢ this​ exquisite vintage basin tap faucet ⁢today.


If you’re looking to‌ add a touch of vintage elegance to your home, this Basin Tap Faucet is‍ the perfect choice. The intricate ‍design and brushed nickel finish will⁣ surely bring a sense⁢ of ⁣refined splendor to any space. ⁢The separate cold and hot ​water taps, with cross handles for easy⁤ use, ‌allow ⁣for ‍precise temperature control right at your sink basin. ‌The ‍sturdy brass construction ensures durability and long-lasting beauty that⁢ will enhance your traditional home decor for years to‍ come.

With a water flow⁢ rate ⁢of 1.2 GPM at 60 PSI, ​this faucet is not only stylish⁣ but also efficient. The easy-to-install deck mount ‍design and ‌corrosion-resistant finish make maintenance a breeze, so you can enjoy the classic charm of ⁤this Vintage Basin Faucet without any hassle. ‌Bring a touch of old-world allure to ​your interior design with this exquisite faucet – click ⁣here to get yours today! Shop now.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

After looking through customer reviews for the Kingston Brass CC7L8 ⁢Vintage Basin Tap Faucet⁣ in⁣ Brushed Nickel, we ⁣found ⁣that the ​overall feedback was positive with some minor concerns. Here’s a ‍breakdown of what customers had to say:

Customer Review Summary
“I got them ⁤for⁣ our vintage sink and​ they look great and feels like good quality.” Positive feedback on the aesthetics and ⁣quality of the faucet.
“I ⁣was frustrated because I⁢ connected hot (marked red) to hot water vice versa and the cold water side (blue) opens ⁣clockwise, which is counterintuitive.” Some confusion ‍with the installation process⁣ and the labeling of⁢ hot and ⁤cold water.
“Also I wish they came with flat gaskets (I ⁣had to use plumbers putty.)” Desire for ‍better packaging and included accessories ⁢for installation.
“We got a 1940s salvaged sink and these are perfect!” Positive feedback on how well the​ faucet complements vintage fixtures.

Overall, ⁤customers were happy with the Kingston‌ Brass Vintage Basin Tap Faucet for its quality,⁤ aesthetic​ appeal, and compatibility‌ with ‍vintage sinks. However, there ⁢were some ⁤concerns regarding installation instructions and included accessories. Despite these minor issues, the ‍faucet was praised for its ability to‌ revamp the look ⁣of a ⁤home with vintage ⁣charm.

Pros ‍& Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Vintage Charm Return to antique designs with ⁣refined splendor.
2.​ Easy ‌Temperature​ Control Separate ⁣hot and cold water ‍taps for the perfect temperature.
3. Sturdy Construction Solid brass construction for durability.
4. Premium Finish Brushed ​nickel finish adds ⁤a touch of elegance.
5. Easy Installation Deck mount⁣ 2-hole installation for convenience.


1. Limited ⁤Reach 3.5″⁢ spout reach ⁤may‍ not accommodate all sink sizes.
2. Average Water Flow 1.2 GPM flow rate⁤ may be lower ⁤than desired for some users.
3. Cross Handles Some users may prefer a different handle design for easier⁢ use.

Overall,⁣ the Kingston Brass CC7L8 Vintage Basin Tap Faucet in Brushed Nickel combines‌ classic style ⁤with modern functionality, ‌making it a‍ great choice for ‍those ‌looking‍ to ‍add a touch of‌ vintage charm ⁤to their home.


Q: Is the Brushed Nickel finish ⁣durable and resistant to corrosion?
A: Yes, the ⁣Brushed Nickel finish on the Kingston Brass‌ CC7L8⁢ Vintage Basin Tap Faucet is⁤ corrosion-resistant ⁤and easy to clean, ensuring that it ⁣remains in top condition for years ⁢to come.

Q: Can this faucet be easily installed in ⁢a 2-hole basin?
A: Yes, this faucet⁤ is‌ designed for a​ deck mount 2-hole ⁢installation, making it easy to⁢ install in most basin setups.

Q: What is ⁣the water flow rate of this faucet?
A: The Kingston​ Brass CC7L8 Vintage Basin Tap Faucet has ⁤a‌ water flow rate of 1.2⁤ gallons per ​minute (4.5 liters per minute) at 60 PSI, allowing‍ for efficient and effective water ⁢usage.

Q: Are⁢ the dual cross handles easy to use?
A: Yes, the dual cross handles on this faucet are designed ⁤for easy rotation, making it simple to adjust the water temperature to⁣ your liking.

Unleash Your True Potential

As we wrap up our review ⁤of ​the Kingston Brass CC7L8 Vintage Basin Tap Faucet⁤ in Brushed Nickel, we can’t help but be enchanted by its timeless design ⁤and exquisite detailing. This faucet⁤ truly ⁣brings⁣ a touch of vintage charm to any home, elevating‌ the traditional ensemble with its ornate beauty.

If you’re looking to revamp your home with‍ a touch of sophistication and allure, look no further than this stunning basin faucet. The sturdy brass ⁤construction and premium brushed nickel finish ensure ⁣both durability and elegance for ⁣years ‌to come.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a ⁣touch ⁣of old-world glamour to your interior design. Click here to purchase the ‌Kingston ​Brass Vintage ⁢Basin Faucet and transform your home today: Get ⁤yours now!

Thank ‌you⁢ for reading and happy decorating!

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