Notoginseng Formula Review: Tienchi Ginseng Tablets for Well-Being

Welcome to our product review blog, where we bring you insights on the latest ⁣health supplements in the market. Today, we are excited to share our experience with⁤ the Notoginseng Formula – Tienchi​ Ginseng Tablets ⁣Herbal Supplement. This 500mg supplement is designed ‍to promote circulation and support the body’s ‍overall well-being.

As avid health enthusiasts, we were eager to try​ out these herbal tablets made ‍in the USA. With Tienchi ginseng as the main ​ingredient, we followed the recommended dosage of 4 tablets, 2 times a day with warm water. The​ packaging‍ of 30 tablets made it convenient for us to incorporate into our daily routine.

Stay ​tuned as we delve into our first-hand ⁣experience with the Notoginseng⁢ Formula – Tienchi Ginseng Tablets Herbal ⁣Supplement ​and share our thoughts on its effectiveness in ‍promoting circulation and ⁤enhancing general ‍well-being.

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Our ​Notoginseng Formula tablets are a herbal supplement that contains Tienchi ginseng, known for its ability to help promote ‌circulation and support⁣ the body’s overall well-being.‍ Each tablet is packed with ​500mg of this powerful ingredient, allowing​ you to⁢ easily incorporate it into your ⁢daily routine.

With a simple dosage‍ of 4 tablets, twice⁣ a⁢ day, taken with warm water, you can experience the potential⁤ benefits of Tienchi ginseng.​ Made in the USA, this supplement⁣ is ​made with high-quality ingredients and ⁤follows strict manufacturing standards to ensure‌ its potency and effectiveness. Don’t miss out on the⁢ opportunity to support your health and wellness ‌with our Tienchi Ginseng ⁤Tablets!

Features Details
Made in USA Yes
Package‍ Dimensions 4.57 x ‍2.28 x 0.87 inches; 0.63 Ounces
Date First Available March 20, 2015
Manufacturer USTCM INC

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Key Features‌ and Benefits

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When‌ it comes to the⁢ ⁢of ⁤our Notoginseng Formula – Tienchi Ginseng ‌Tablets, there are a few standout points that make this herbal supplement truly special. First and foremost, the main ingredient, Tienchi ginseng, is known for its ability to promote circulation ⁣and support the ⁣body’s overall well-being. This means that by incorporating these ​tablets ​into your ‍daily routine, you can help improve ⁤your overall health and vitality.

In addition to its powerful benefits, our tablets are easy to incorporate into your ⁣routine. With a recommended dosage of 4 tablets taken twice a day with warm water, you can ⁤seamlessly integrate this supplement into your daily life. Each pack contains 30 tablets, each with 500mg‌ of Tienchi ginseng, ensuring that you have a convenient ⁣and effective supply on hand. Plus, with the peace ⁣of mind that comes with knowing this supplement is made in the USA, you can trust in the quality ⁣and reliability ‍of our product. Start prioritizing your ‌well-being‍ today with our Notoginseng Formula – Tienchi Ginseng Tablets!

In-Depth Analysis

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When it comes to a herbal supplement ​that can help promote circulation and improve the body’s overall well-being, we have‍ found ⁤the Notoginseng Formula – ​Tienchi Ginseng Tablets ⁤to be a trustworthy option. With⁤ Tienchi ginseng as the primary ingredient, these tablets ‌offer a natural solution for those looking to support their health. The recommended dosage of 4 tablets twice a day with warm water‌ makes it convenient to incorporate into ‌your⁤ daily routine.

The compact packaging‌ of 30 tablets, ‌each containing 500mg, ensures that you have an ample supply to ​last you for several weeks. Made in the ⁤USA, this product maintains high​ quality standards that ⁣you can trust. Remember to keep this supplement out of ‍reach of children, and avoid use⁤ if you are pregnant ​or if ⁤the bottle seal​ is broken. ‍For those seeking a‍ reliable ⁤herbal supplement to enhance circulation and well-being, these Tienchi Ginseng Tablets are worth considering. If you want to get‌ your hands on this beneficial⁤ product, ‍click here to make your purchase.


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After trying out these Tienchi Ginseng tablets,⁢ we⁤ were ‍pleasantly​ surprised by the ⁣positive effects it had on our overall well-being. The herbal supplement truly helped promote circulation and boost our‌ energy levels,⁤ allowing us⁢ to feel more alert and focused throughout the⁣ day. We​ highly recommend ⁤incorporating this product into your‍ daily routine for a natural way to support your body’s general health.

With easy-to-follow ⁣directions and⁢ a convenient 30-tablet pack, these Tienchi Ginseng tablets‍ are a ⁣great addition to​ any wellness regimen. Made in the USA with ​high-quality ingredients, ⁤you can trust that⁤ you ⁢are getting a reliable and effective product. Don’t miss ⁢out on the benefits of this herbal supplement – try it for yourself and see the difference!

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Customer ‍Reviews‍ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for⁢ Notoginseng Formula Tienchi Ginseng Tablets, we found a range of opinions and ⁢experiences from users. Here is a ‌summary of‌ the key feedback:

Review Summary
Works well Customers have reported positive results from taking these tablets.
How wonderful to find‌ a capsule!! Users appreciate the convenience of taking these capsules.
Works, but⁢ need to take dosage of⁤ 4 so lasts ⁤just over a week. Some users found that they ⁣needed to take a higher dosage to experience ⁢the‍ desired effects.
Excellent for the lymphatic system. Help me a lot with the small⁣ red veins. Customers have found specific ‍benefits for their ‌lymphatic system and skin health.
Smells and tastes like ginseng Some users ⁤noted the typical ginseng scent ⁣and flavor of the tablets.

Overall, the​ reviews suggest that Notoginseng Formula Tienchi Ginseng Tablets offer potential benefits ⁢for ‌circulation and general well-being, ‌with some users experiencing positive‌ results for specific health concerns.

Pros & Cons

Pros & ⁢Cons of Notoginseng Formula ⁤- ⁤Tienchi Ginseng Tablets


  • Helps promote circulation
  • Aids‍ in ⁤the body’s general well-being
  • Contains⁢ Tienchi, a powerful⁢ ingredient
  • Easy to take with ⁢warm water
  • Made in the USA


  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Not safe for ⁢children, so ⁤keep out of reach
  • May not be suitable ⁣for individuals with certain medical conditions

Overall, the Notoginseng Formula – Tienchi Ginseng Tablets are ⁣a great option for those looking for a natural supplement ​to promote circulation and well-being. However,⁤ it’s important to​ consider the potential drawbacks, such as the restrictions on who can use it.

Criteria Rating
Effectiveness ★★★★☆
Ease ​of Use ★★★★☆
Value for⁢ Money ★★★★☆
Overall Rating ★★★★☆


Q: What are the benefits of Tienchi ginseng tablets?
A: Tienchi ginseng tablets help ⁤promote circulation and support the body’s overall well-being. They are a great herbal ​supplement to​ incorporate into your ⁣daily‍ routine.

Q: How⁤ many tablets should I take in a day?
A: We recommend taking 4 tablets 2 times a day with warm water as‌ a dietary⁢ supplement. Be sure to follow the recommended dosage for best results.

Q: Can pregnant women use Tienchi ginseng tablets?
A: It is ‌not recommended for pregnant women to use Tienchi⁤ ginseng tablets. Please consult with⁣ your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Q: Are these tablets safe ⁢for children?
A: Keep Tienchi ‌ginseng tablets out of reach of ⁤children and do not use if the bottle seal is broken or missing. They are intended for adult use ⁣only.

Q: Where are these tablets manufactured?
A: ‍These⁤ Tienchi ginseng‌ tablets are proudly made in the USA, ‍ensuring high quality and safety standards are met.

Q: How should I store the tablets?
A: ⁤Store the tablets in a cool, dry place and keep them away from direct‍ sunlight. Following proper storage guidelines⁣ will help maintain the quality of the product.

Seize the Opportunity

As⁢ we wrap up our Notoginseng Formula review, we are truly impressed by the benefits that Tienchi⁤ ginseng tablets offer for promoting circulation and overall well-being. Made in the USA with⁣ high-quality ingredients, these tablets are a ‍great addition ‌to ⁣any wellness routine.

If you’re looking to support your body’s health and vitality, ⁢we highly recommend trying out Notoginseng Formula. Click here ‌to get your own supply and experience the difference firsthand: Get your Tienchi Ginseng ⁢Tablets now!

Thank you for joining us‌ on this review journey. Here’s to a healthier and happier you!

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